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Obama Gets Taken Down to Chinatown

Obama hosted China’s president Hu Jintao recently and the lamestream news headlines really tried to make the Obama administration look like the Chinese were coming here for Obama to give them a piece of his mind. I’m here to tell you that it wasn’t Obama’s mind that Hu was thinking about.

I’m going to tell you what the State Department won’t tell you. The fact is that America is late on its payments to China. China tried calling Obama, many times.  Obama quit answering the phone, the way all people running from creditors do. Barack has been “call screening.” So when “China” popped up on the LCD of the White House phone, Michelle looked and yelled, “Barack!  It’s for you…it’s China!”

Don’t answer it, Michelle!

Hu was pissed. Mrs. Hu, who reminded him, “Remember I ah tol ah yu what happened when we loana that otha Aflican dictata money…he neva pay back!”

To assuage his wife, Hu replied, “But Balack, he so light-skinned. Elything will be ah OK!”

But everything was not ok, which is why Hu got his butt on a plane and decided to check on the pimp he put in charge of his money, Obama, as well as the “prostitutes,” who were the collateral, the American taxpayers.

Obama was shocked to see Hu. Hu caught him in the middle of one of the Obamas’ famous “House Parties,” spending China’s money like a sailor on leave.

Obama turned the music off, dismissed the Congressional Black Caucus, the New Black Panther Party, Chavez, Ahmedinejad, Bill Ayers, The Uni-Bomber, and Osama, who’d flown in earlier for a secret meeting and photo op.”

The White House now quiet, Obama begged Hu for an extension of America’s credit.

Uh, look here Hu…uh, I just don’t have it right now…I can git you the money, Man!”

Hu wanted an update, a strategy. Hu knows that the American economy is not good news. He can see that not much is being done to protect his investment. As he was driven around DC in his limo earlier, Hu could see that the prostitutes all looked rode hard and put up wet.

Obama said to Hu,

Well Hu, I did a campaign stop in Arizona, a state that we are threatening, uh, because they are not allowing more prostitutes in from Mexico.  Uh… we intend to uh… keep the pressure on for an even more uh… ignorant populace than we currently have.

Hu approved, saying

Balack, I am velly happy you al a moving in the dilection of communism. I a also happy that you ah cleative in violation of you citizens’ a human lights!” {Both men chuckle}

Truth be told, Hu was not happy.  He had loaned money to America, not knowing that there would be a rookie at the helm. Hu thought privately,

Holy Geolge Bush! When I loan money to Amelica, it was to a white businessman. And now you give me a blacka community olganiza?

So Hu wanted to meet with Congress to find out why the bait and switch. In advance of that meeting, one lamestream media headline read, “Hu to Face Critics on Capitol Hill.” Critics of what?

The Chinese economy grew by over 9% in 2009 and over 10% in 2010.  I searched the internet high and low to find information on how well the U.S. economy fared in 2009 and 2010, and I can only guess that this information is either in Al Gore’s lock box or in the same bunker where Obama’s birth certificate and school transcripts are kept.  You can’t find scratch about this subject in terms of percentage growth or shrinkage of the U.S. economy.

The U.S. Federal Government report for 2009 published Feb 2010 is 458 pages long and should have been titled, “It’s Bush’s Fault.” I suspect when we get the 2010 report it will just say, “See 2009.”

Suffice it to say, our economy was off like a herd of turtles, since the selection of Obama.  After pumping $1.4 trillion dollars into our economy for stimulus and to save homes and create jobs, over 1 million homes were foreclosed in 2010. The carryover of Obama’s policies has put 5 million homes on the precipice of foreclosure in 2011. There are no jobs, unless you are a migrant farm worker, a waiter, or a cashier.

How many homes could Obama have saved or jobs created if he hadn’t taken FLOTUS on flamboyant date nights? And who needs date night, when you take a vacation every month?!

What about Michelle O’s trip to Spain, and the happy couple’s most recent jaunt to Hawaii; oh excuse me, that was a “working vacation.”  Remind me of the cost to redecorate the White House, anybody remember the cost of his inauguration, more than any in history? Is it even possible to calculate the interest on a debt of $1.4T?
Finally, how about the $192M spent on SIGNS bragging about the stimulus money he stole from us?

Yet we are talking everything but Obama’s reckless spending and ruining of the economy. Obama is acting crazier than a sprayed roach, and Liberals want civility. Not as long as there are more roaches.

I don’t think Hu wants civility. I suggest the Tea Party approach the Chinese with the idea of how we plan on getting them their money back. Pay us to watch out for their investment. That would be money well spent.

The Democrats won’t be civil in 2012, when they will once again be calling the majority of Americans racists, homophobes, intolerant to something wholly anti-American. Don’t forget how sick it felt for most of us in Nov of 2008, and how uncivilized we were treated for the last 2 years!

If we don’t change this in 2012, expect to see bumper stickers that read:  My yuan can beat up your dollar!

That’s my rant!

© 2011 – Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere, LLC – All Rights Reserved

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