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Obama to Detail New Taxpayer Theft Plan

With all the difficult issues out of the way like “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” the START Treaty, redecorating the White House, and scheduling his next vacation in early February, Barack Obama is finally getting back to the Nation’s business.

Today, America will be treated to what Liberal Professor Michael Dyson deemed “sexy brilliance,” as Obama tries to dazzle America in his State of the Union address. Yep, you got it. America longs for yet another brilliant speech from the great orifice.

Let’s hope that we don’t have another national crisis, like a shooting in a state that the Justice Department is suing, or Obama may be called to lay hands on his flock yet again. Whether healing the wounded or raising the dead, Obama’s message is the same:  “Go forth and vote Republican no more.”

Before Obama was elected he said he would focus on the economy, even ridiculing McCain for saying that the economy was in good shape. After selection but before official coronation, Obama asked Bush to approve the bailout, saying we had to do it or America was doomed.

After the election, Obama was happy to dump another $1.4T into the economy, because as he put it, “These industries are too big to fail.”  Treasury raided, but doom avoided.

Two years later, the economy is worse than it was at the beginning of The Time of O. I’d say that the doom we are experiencing is “…the one we have all been waiting for.”

The question was posed, “Where would we be without the $1.4T that Obama spent?” Just a guess, but my answer:  “$1.4T RICHER!”

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Like with most Liberals, money is the solution. Just put money to work, and the money will figure out what to do. Give the money to the unproductive, like unions, bureaucrats and other lazy Americans, and as Pelosi proclaims, “That’s stimulus!”  For Liberals, throwing money at a problem is leadership, particularly when the money being thrown belongs to somebody else.

It is said that Obama is riding a high going into this address. Apparently his campaign stop in AZ paid off. So what can we expect, as Obama surfs that big wave of popularity that the lamestream media will undoubtedly tell us exists?

First, whatever problems America has, they are not Obama’s fault.

Next, things could be worse. Had Obama not done whatever he has done, who knows what would have happened. If you disagree, prove it.

Obama supposedly will tell us that he is committed to the economy.  Really? At least we know the price of commitment:  $1.4T and counting…plus interest.

It is said that Obama will discuss how to cut spending, and he will discuss his commitment to economic growth through “investments” in Education and Infrastructure. Finally, Obama is said to want to boost momentum.

Obama started to cut spending a while back. He ordered the cabinet to cut a whopping $100 million from the $3.5 trillion federal budget! To put that in perspective, if your annual salary were $1M, your equivalent bullet-biting budget cut would be a whopping $30.

As for Obama’s plans for economic growth, given our economy, I’d consider that a threat! Obama knows that “investments,” in infrastructure and education are pure money grabs. Just how much road and bridge repair did our first “investment” get? I do know that we got $192M in signage to remind us of that investment.

As for education, America shouldn’t invest another dime in the current education system, and in fact should decommission it. It’s time to have the private sector to take over. Currently the government takes almost all the taxes for public schools, providing little to no funding for home schools and private schools, yet this is from where most of America’s brightest kids hail.

Finally, Obama will discuss what he will do to “boost momentum.”  In order to “boost momentum,” don’t you need to have momentum? I defy anybody to tell me where we have had any sustained good news. A good report of any kind from the government is almost always met a few days later with the revised “real” report, that is much less optimistic.

If you believe there is momentum in this economy, I have pictures of Whoopi Goldberg in a bikini that might interest you. It’s the same place where I keep a certified copy of Obama’s birth certificate.

Junior is driving with a learner’s permit, and he’s weaving in and out of traffic. Obama has not suddenly shifted to free market thinking, and if you believe he has, then just butter your butt and we’ll call you Biscuit.

Everything Obama will do over the next two years will be in an effort to get re-elected. All Obama needs is another four years, and the Liberals are set. Let’s hope he keeps the momentum by staying out of the Nation’s business. That’s the only thing that can help the state of the Union.

That’s my rant!

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