State of the Excuses Report

Obama’s speech went over like a pregnant pole vaulter. They should have called it the “State of the Excuses” report. What did we learn? That Obama won’t take blame for anything, and now he wants the Republicans to jump on board so he can blame them in 2012.

Everybody keeps focuses on how well he delivered the speech, or did he write the speech, and if so, how much? Shouldn’t a president be required to write the speech himself? Or is this like Harvard Law Review where you are just so happy you selected a black president, somebody else does all his work?

That speech was long on ideas and lies, but short on results. All the Left says is, “That was a great speech…he really knocked that one out of the park.”  Who cares!

This speech was full of “ifs.” If a grasshopper carried a .45, birds wouldn’t mess with it, would they?!

There was nothing concrete in this speech, just telling people what they want to hear. Here’s a good one: Obama’s going to post even more stuff on the internet for Americans to review.  I think we are still waiting on the first wave of information, like the ability to review bills, before they are passed. Further, given Obama’s track record for making information disappear, I’m not exactly sure that I trust him with “information” just yet.

How about this technological advance? Veterans can download their medical records. Eureka! Shouldn’t the VA have those records in the first place? Why should we make veterans have to carry this stuff around?

I swear I think I saw a thought-bubble over the head of Michelle Obama and she was getting rubdown by Raul in that lavish hotel in Spain. The Energy Czar was texting, and I think at one point Biden was checking email.

There was one good thing that I liked about the event.  I was SO happy not to see Pelosi jumping up every two seconds behind Obama. I have to give Boehner credit, because I only counted him rolling his eyes about 17 times. My researcher said there were 193 opportunities for him to do so; what restraint.

Obama said that America needs to innovate, educate, and out-build. He left out pontificate, out-mandate, and out-spend. Obama can no more turn around this economy, than he can put a g-string on an alligator!

He talked about the importance of family in the education process, as he touted Race to the Top. Race to the Top of the dung heap is a better description, and the program amounts to little more than taxpayer theft. The program will not introduce more innovation in our education process, because it is still run by (1) government, and (2) teachers’ unions. RTTT is a repackaged money grab, and called by insiders, “better than the dotcom opportunity.”

Free enterprise drives the economy, Obama said. With unemployment at 9.4% free enterprise must be driving a hoop-d, or maybe one of those new Volts. While free enterprise was driving the economy, the public sector was driving Ferraris, receiving three times the pay increases of the private sector. Keep in mind who’s now driving the car…

Obama said he wants to find “common ground.” This country was not built on “common ground.” This country was built because of the oppression of the people by a tyrannical government, and nothing’s changed. In fact, the government is immensely more tyrannical today, than it was when the country was founded.

When Obama won, it was “on like a chicken bone!” Democrats were happier than clams at high tide; rubbing it in, practically DARING people to say they hadn’t voted for Obama. It was the OJ verdict all over again. Obama proclaimed, “I won.” Later he reinforced “That’s what elections are for.” He was right.  Elections are for kicking a bully’s boney ass, then taking HIS lunch money. In our case, we would just be getting our money back.

Previous administrations may have fondled us, but in comparison, the Obama administration is a serial rapist. It doesn’t matter what Obama says, the threat of Obama’s actions remain.

Obama made it clear that the health insurance industry will not exploit patients; that distinction goes to the Fed.  If there are any organs to be harvested they will go to the government for fair distribution…to the Chinese to pay back the debt most likely.

Obama still has an issue with the rich, the suckers who keep striving for better in America. I’ll show them. He wants clean energy and wants the oil companies to pay for it. Obama wants government to FORCE innovation, citing NASA…you know, the very same NASA that he wanted to use to make Muslims feel good about themselves.

This was a good speech, actually one of his best, particularly if you are an unemployed gay, Pakistani living illegally in the United States. Bonus if you don’t speak English.

That’s my rant!

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