What Color Defines Us?

One of my friends and I were discussing the definition of being black. Both of us are medium brown in color, so there is little doubt that we are blacks of African descent. Blacks come in all colors and all economic backgrounds, so what really defines black?

Larry explained to me that his ancestry was African, German, and Irish, with the emphasis on African. The stronger African influence is why Larry looks black, but in no way minimizes his other two bloodlines, both of which contribute to him being caramel color and not darker. Nevertheless, even the most intense observer would not readily recognize the German or Irish in him, though it most certainly is there.

As Larry put it, “White Europeans twice decided to hook up with one of his black female ancestors, and voila.

Change anything about Larry’s ancestry and he ceases to exist. This made me consider the question, “Is part of one’s ethnicity any more or less important to whom you are?” The fact is if Larry has even one drop of another ethnicity, he is part of that ethnicity. If you don’t believe me, add one drop of urine to a glass of water then tell me what you’re drinking.

So unless you can trace your bloodline back to pure royalty, the likelihood is fe-fi-fo fum you’d smell the blood of an Englishman, or Irishman, or something else besides the color you are given. In fact the majority of the people in America are not 100% anything. Yet we are constantly discussing race, particularly Liberals and black Democrats.

Black Democrats proffer solidarity when it benefits the collective, using something as silly as skin color as the binding agent. I have asked many black people to define black for me. The idea that black people behave a certain ‘way’ is patently ridiculous, and insulting as well when you factor in that black unfortunately has a negative connotation.

Regardless, there are constraints that prevent me from renewing my black card.  First and foremost, I’d have to vote Democrat without thinking, which mean that I also must have unwavering love for Obama, who everybody knows is more white than black.

This vexes me. I am constantly having to prove my blackness, and I am 85% black,[1] yet Obama is less than 50% black and has to prove nothing of his “blackness.”[2] Big deal he plays basketball.

I like basketball. Admittedly I am less interested in basketball these days, but that’s mainly because I now live in a city that has no basketball team. I love track and field, especially sprints, a segment dominated by blacks. You’d think that counts for something.

I still love martial arts, though I’m not sure what ethnicity can claim ownership. Martial arts originated in India, though most people credit the Asians. These days there is a huge Brazilian influence. Some have said that martial arts were born in Africa. Just that theory is enough for me to get some credit, isn’t it?

For the sake of discussion, let’s just say that I’m not black, according to “hard core” blacks. My question to them is what’s wrong with acting white?

Though I very much enjoy being black, I have seen how white people live—the rich ones that is—and I love it! If acting white means taking family vacations, or sailing in a yacht along the French Riviera, then color my black behind alabaster and call me Ivory.

Rich white people have the money to pay their bills on time, every time. And they don’t put their electric bills is in their kids’ names.  Rich white people have cars that run, really nice cars too and not hoop-tees, covered by good insurance.  And when a rich white person says he will turn the matter over to his attorney, he really has an attorney to turn the issue over to.

Rich white folks eat out at restaurants with table cloths, and they even invite friends. You’ve seen these white people in movies or maybe know a few. I’d be willing to bet that many more black people would like to act white too. It certainly beats what the Left has convinced America is “the black condition”. Honestly, I’m not sure what the “black condition” is. What I do know is interestingly enough, if you show me the black condition, I can show you many non-blacks living it.

White folks get welfare, enjoy basketball, eat lots of fast food, dress “ghetto,” and do a lot of other things that Liberals consider “acting black.” Black folks can’t have anything apparently, including poverty.

The idea that people identify by color is as imbecilic as rallying behind height or weight. Why not find solidarity based on shoe size, God gave you that too?

I wonder if Liberals, black people, the Aryan Nation, or the Guilters who voted based on racial lines will ever get this? What they don’t seem to understand is there really are no racial lines. When it comes to DNA most racial lines are blurred.

That’s my rant!

[1] My maternal grandfather was 50% Cree, and my maternal great grandmother was 50% Navajo.

[2] He did marry Michelle, and attended a black church.

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