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Stupidism – A Liberal’s Love Story

Recently a Liberal blogger named Chauncey DeVega wrote some disparaging things about presidential candidate Herman Cain. DeVega accused Cain of entertaining for white masters. How original.

Yet another ignorant black Liberal, throwing away the best and brightest of blacks, based strictly on political ideology.  What next, we find out that DeVega is the baby daddy of one of Janeane Garofalo’s aborted babies?

Don’t expect Herman Cain to cry racism or even “stupidism,” however.  Why should Cain bother, when he is a self-made man who knows who he is? This is the difference between a real man and a faux one.

I’m thinking Obama would have called a press conference and publicly forgiven DeVega.  In his passionate speech, Obama would have asked the nation to heal from the crisis, and invited the Congressional Black Caucus over for a prayer breakfast. Cain won’t bring this up unless asked.

Silly Negroes like Chauncey DeVega are quick to attack black Conservatives, yet they would commit suicide at the first sign of abandonment by other blacks. That fear of loss is what makes them toe the line.  They fear going against the grain, more than they fear the wrath of God. Black Liberals need to be accepted, even when they know in their hearts that they are wrong.

Comparing Herman Cain’s life to any of the so-called black Liberal leaders is to compare a man to boys. Cain surpasses Obama’s true accomplishments, using on a couple of weeks of his life.  Cain actually worked hard to become a success. Obama got everything handed to him, which is why he is only window-dressing.

Who would you want raising your children, Cain or Obama?  Cain or Jesse Jackson? Cain or Maxine Waters? Cain or Charlie Rangel?

DeVega is doing what the Left does best; get media attention.  I love that they do this, because it proves they lack originality. As they accuse more and more black Conservatives of being sellouts, their meme grows more and more tiresome. Did anybody even know who Chauncey DeVega was until his that he wrote that exploitive trash?  I would bet that an overwhelming majority of Conservatives didn’t, and my bet is most Liberals don’t either.

People like DeVega go for the “easy” laugh with their audience.  “I hate George Bush!” {wild laughter and applause}  It honestly takes no talent to do what they do. They wait for the opportunity, like a thief who steals a car with the keys in the ignition. All this for 15 seconds of fame; because they have no real message. In fact what they do is all an attempt to make the story about them.  They are mindless minions possessing no original thoughts of their own.  I find these people like I find most music…boring— 2-5-1 chords sung in 2-part harmony in 2/2 time.

DeVega is likely celebrating the spike on his blog, low-fiving himself for breaking his last blog record. Good for him. But after the hits are gone, he will sit around waiting for the next old tired talking points to come around again, like “the Tea Party is racistt,” or “It’s Bush’s fault.”

It takes a lot of effort to get up every day and present new and fresh ideas. My attitude is if you don’t really have a unique point of view, write nothing.

We all want to be read and to be heard, whether we admit it or not. I don’t fault DeVega for that. But as with all endeavors, you must come of age and do something original. Be relevant or be gone. The occasional gimmick might get you in the spotlight, but it won’t last. The craving for it unfortunately can.

People are saying that neither the NAACP nor have black Liberal leaders stepped up. This is actually a tribute to Herman Cain.  Because the race-baiters realize that there is nothing they need to say to defend Cain.  You defend down, not up. Cain is too much of a man to need defending by the likes of black Liberals, who could only defend up in this case.  Jackson, Sharpton, or the NAACP speaking up on behalf of Cain would be like a five year old girl defending the heavyweight champion of mixed martial arts in a bar fight.

You should know that when I got word of DeVega’s comments, I considered making a statement, more as solidarity to my friend Herman Cain.  Then I thought about it. And I know Herman would have said to me, “Hey Kev, don’t sweat it…I got this!”

That’s my rant!

(c) 2011 Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere, LLC – All Rights Reserved

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