Not 40 Acres and a Mule But Close

Rich white Liberals may have finally accomplished what they wanted all along, which is white societies with enough blacks to serve rich white Liberals. When Liberals finally ran Conservatives out of big cities, things went downhill fast.  This sent whites Liberals running to create their own Suburbutopian enclaves to witness the carnage of the inner cities from relative safety.

Today, “black flight” is occurring just as fast. Cities like Detroit and Oakland have seen their black population drop as much as 9%, and many others are experiencing much the same. Though I’m still researching where black people are going in their exodus from these urban population centers, one thing is for sure:  It’s not Marin County, CA.

According to the Department of Housing and Urban Development, Marin County, California, which includes several cities in the Bay Area is ‘too white.’  The affluent county contains 7 of the 10 ‘whitest’ cities, (greater than 90% white), according to the 2010 census.  Thus in arguably the most Liberal-ladened state, Marin County, CA has failed to comply with the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and other anti-discrimination statutes.  Their “chickens have come home to roost.”

Californicators have literally legislated black people out of their towns.  Environmental and tax policies have chased away businesses and jobs, so only wealthiest have survived the onslaught. This has forced most blacks from their homes and communities as a whole.

In anticipation of Attorney General Holder’s response to protect “his people,” I immediately updated my resume on White cities looking for blacks now know where to find me. My availability is “immediate.”  As it happens, St. Louis has an abundance of black folks, so there is no deal to be had here.  Nevertheless there is a city out there flirting precariously close to that discrimination line, and thus in need of my services.  There is finally money to be made on racist policies by the common man, as cities will be willing to pay big bucks to meet their quotas for civil rights.

In the spirit of Liberalism, I plan to unionize my black brethren, so I can broker the best deal for lots of black people.  I can’t have black people selling themselves on the cheap, lest my market price suffer as well.  Think of it as the collective bargaining, Affirmative Action style.

I will arrive in my new white town on the private jet of one of those fat cat rich Liberals. The limo will pick me up at the private airstrip to take me to the parade I will have demanded in my honor.   After the parade, I would instruct my chauffeur (white guy, of course)

To my new residence…it’s next door to the Mayor!

Out of the limo, to the front door to see my new doormat that reads, “I’m black and you betta reckanize!”

I hope the mayor likes rap music and yard work.

Yo, Mayor. I need my yard mowed. And don’t forget to ‘pooper scoop!’

I would clip the articles of other towns advertising for black people and put them in the mayor’s mailbox and those of other prominent rich white citizens of the town, and make them throw me “sickle cell” fundraisers, while I blame the disease that I don’t have on them.

I’d have all black people change our names to Afro-centric names, just to mess with our white folks. And when they said things like “you people,” we’d cop attitudes, pull out our cell phones like we were calling the authorities or a moving company. We would ‘mean-mug’ our white people and dare them to not look away.

My sister would run a petition drive to demand that all literature be translated into Ebonics, and that Ebonics become our town language. My brother would videotape her solicitations, in case anybody wouldn’t sign it.  My uncle would point two fingers at those people, then at his eyes:  We are watching you!

After my Ebonics bill passes, anybody caught speaking “white English” would be subject to a fine. I would demand that the translation services go to my uncle; not the industrious one, but the lazy one.  He would subcontract the work to a team of “wiggas,” and we would just laugh at the stupidity of our white folks…both sets!

We would complain constantly about the lack of blacks in city government, education, the police department, the fire department, but demand that they can only employ local blacks, and forbid illegal immigrants from even applying.  I’d get another family member hired to monitor and maintain quotas with the help of Planned Parenthood. After all, we must keep the number of blacks down right?

When white Liberals Californicators leave to establish new enclaves, I would repeat the process all over again. Welcome to Utopia.

© 2011 – Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere LLC – All Rights Reserved

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