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Affirmative Action for Obama

I am tired of how people treat Obama. The Left has provided enough rope for Obama to hang his change, and the lever dropped:  Change is swinging from the hangman’s noose.  Yet with all the obvious indicators of failure of the Obama administration, the Left acts like Obama is a successful president. It hit me:  America has an Affirmative Action president.

Even when blacks reach the pinnacle of achievement, the Left still feels the need to coddle us. Bush certainly got no quarter from the Left. Even Jimmy Carter had to take his lumps, which thankfully led to him being an “OTP.” But Obama seems immune to sustained criticism from the Left.

Gas prices are the highest in my “adult life,” yet there is no discussion of the devastating impact this is having on the economy. We are told that high gas prices reduce auto use, thus reducing greenhouse gases.  Apparently high gas prices are part of Obama’s new visionary Green strategy.

If the snake oil doesn’t sell, we are told that high gas prices are a result of conflict in the Middle East. One might believe this had gas prices not gone through the roof, prior to the unrest.  Further, the turmoil in the Middle East hasn’t disrupted oil flow to the U.S. in any way. Despite no visible explanation, crude oil is up 127%—higher, depending on grade.  Gasoline prices are up 70% (and still rising – U.S. Energy Information Administration) since Obama’s selection.

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Obama’s solution to the oil crisis was to recently approved the drilling of a new offshore deep ocean well—the “cops arrive after the robbery” approach. My history is foggy, but I recall the Republicans asking to drill for decades.

Has the Left even mentioned what Obama’s policies are doing to the cost of food? Corn is up 78%, Soybeans, 42%, Sugar 165% (Wall Street Journal Report) to name a few. As these products are the raw materials for many food products, those prices have risen as well. Meanwhile, The Obama administration threatens Americans growing gardens, putting restrictions on such buying seed and growing gardens. What kind of logic is this? Let them eat cake!

When gas and food goes up in price, this is a direct tax on the people known as inflation. Simply put, the price of survival has gone way up under Obama, and you will depend on government for your survival.

Given this inflationary period, there is no reason for the stock market to be over 12,000, nor is there a reason for interest rates to be at practically 0%. Obama has printed LOTS of money, (18.4% – Federal Reserve Report), while the U.S. is at its lowest productivity in history. America has surpassed the rate at which productivity can outpace our debt, yet again some unknown forces are keeping the stock market artificially high (for Obama’s tenure), and the monetary system at low interest rates. Essentially you must suspend belief about the inflation happening all around, such as the rise in gas and food, and the record prices of precious metals.

The national debt has increased over 32% (and rising – US Treasury Report) under Obama, based on his present budget and the Democrats’ ideology of spending one’s way out of debt. But the scary thing is our 32% national debt is based on the lowest interest rates possible.  The only place interest rates have to go are up. Imagine what will happen if (when) interest rates increase?

During Carter, interest rates went as high as 18%, and those were peace time rates. Any reasonable economist knows that there is some coddling of Obama happening here. Consider what our national debt picture would look like if we were at Carter Era levels?

Obama’s sexy brilliance has expanded the poverty rate 9.5%, the number of people receiving food stamps up 35% (over 43M people – Census Bureau Report), and the number of long-term unemployed (the real measure of unemployment – Bureau of Labor Statistics) up 146% over 2008 levels, the real unemployment figure being 24.7%. Again, Obama has been insulated from blame.

When Obama wanted to redistribute private sector wealth, he was quick to ask Joe the Plumber to pay his share of a waitress’ paycheck. However, when the unions of WI were asked to do their part, Obama informed America that taxpayers are “vilifying and denigrating” the unions. The audacity of taxpayers for wanting the union workers to pay their own pensions and part of their own healthcare costs.

In a time when the obvious answer is to cut back, Obama doubles down on a soft six and the dealer has a king showing. We are barraged with the meme that Obama is brilliant, way ahead of his time. I can honestly say that I’ve never witnessed such a small mind inside such a big head.

Obama’s strategy based on luck, which is fine for campaigning, but not for running a country. And his snafus are not limited to domestic policy, as Obama’s foreign policy is equally inept. Whether it’s dealing with “tiny” Iran, North Korea, Russia, the EU, or Mexico, Obama’s policies are an utter embarrassment. In the recent situation in Egypt, the Left credited the potential for a better Egypt with an Obama 2009 speech. They left wiggle room for Obama in case Egypt becomes Iran v2.0.

The world more chaotic during the Era of O. Along with the usual threats, Iran, North Korea, and Pakistan, we can add Yemen, Tunisia, Egypt…ok Africa. Is it not ironic that we would have so much increased tension in Africa, when we have an African-American at the helm?

If a white Republican president were in charge of America right now, the Left would be screaming for his head. But in the era of political correctness, we get a president being graded on a Bell curve, and the new poster child for Affirmative Action.  Obama proves to blacks that no matter what your status, there is somebody ready to keep you from being the best you can be.

That’s my rant!

(c) 2011 Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere, LLC – All Rights Reserved

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