Bill Maher – Food for Dung Beetles

Black people should go jihad on Bill Maher about his latest rant, but blacks on the Left have no idea when they are being insulted. I hope one day soon that Leftist blacks recognize Maher for what he is: Food for dung beetles.

Maher wants to convince America that he knows Republicans and Fox News reported his comments:

Every black person scares you unless they look like Urkel, talk like Colin Powell and wear Bill Cosby sweaters.

I’m actually shocked that Maher included this group as black, because he seems to have his own definition of “acting black.”

When Maher felt that Obama had not acted tough enough in dealing with the BP executives, he suggested that Obama call a meeting with said executives, make his demands, then stand up allowing the BP execs to see the gun that Obama had tucked just above his crotch.

Just in case you missed it: Maher sees black people as thugs.

The “Urkel-looking” sweater-wearing articulate blacks are there for Maher so-called comedic amusement. How can intelligent blacks possibly exist, as we are all supposed to be thugs? Such is the appeal of Obama, the acceptable black for Maher.  Maher and his ilk like that Obama “looks smooth,” but might “act black.”

Maher is obviously about to lose his show…again.  I suspect Maher got his Nielson ratings, panicked, then issued his Tourette-like ramblings. Then again, he could be feeding his need for more Google hits.  There is a final possibility, however: Maher is the spawn of Joe Biden. It would not surprise me to see him on that show that traces his DNA, and learn Maher is the lovechild of Joe Biden and Barbara Streisand.

I am curious as to the last time Maher was shooting pool in Compton? Does he live anywhere near a “non-Urkel” black neighborhood? Would his travels take him anywhere near a “non-Urkel” black neighborhood? Let me put it this way:  What blacks is Maher afraid of?

Besides hanging with the occasional street-thug turned rapper superstar in the comfort of his Hollywood set, Maher is more scared of blacks than any Republican. I’d love to see him have his limo driver drop him off in Compton or South Chicago for a pickup basketball game.

Note to Bill Maher:  ALL Americans fear black thugs.

If my car breaks down in South Central, and I’m not packing my gun that all blacks carry, guess what?  Yep, I would be fearful of black people; not all black people…just the thugs. Black on black crime is very high, and statistically speaking I’m not supposed to collect social security, and the situation I described would not improve my chances.

Note to Bill Maher: ALL Americans fear ALL thugs!

Americans make no distinction on who to fear. The Irish Mafia can make you just as dead as the Italian Mafia. But for people like Maher who sees America in colors, that’s not the case.

Maher seems angry that Republicans tend to hold people to standards. You may not be able to judge a book by its cover, but that doesn’t mean you don’t recognize the uniform of the thug. Thugs don’t act like Urkel, talk like Powell, and wear sweaters like Cosby for the most part. So if Republicans are not scared of this demography of blacks, that lack of fear comes from observation, not racism.

It might also surprise Maher that many non-black criminals in America “act black,” as they conceal their weapons to commit crimes against humanity. This is because carrying a firearm above one’s crotch is not acting black, it’s acting criminal. This is because there is no “black condition,” there are just conditions.

Maher is trying to convince America that Urkel-acting, Powell-talking, Cosby-sweater-wearing blacks should first be lampooned, then pitted against other blacks. Republicans like the nerdy blacks who actually learn how to speak and dress “white”, and that’s not good for America.  No, what America needs is more black thugs. Like the type Maher doesn’t hang out with.

That’s my rant!

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