Katie Couric Torpedoes Women’s Movement

The Insignificance of Katie Couric, by Kevin Jackson

The woman who put the “broad” in broadcast, at least for network news anchors is leaving CBS Evening News.  Who will replace Katie Couric, the first female news anchor? I have the answer…a MAN!

It’s a wonder how the NOW generation is not picketing CBS for running Couric out on a rail. Not that she didn’t deserve, given the cliff dive CBS ratings have taken, after her much bally-hooed appointment to the anchor chair. But don’t expect to hear much on the failure of the first woman news anchor, because the Left doesn’t worry about outcomes, just effort.

In this report, the only mention of Katie as an abject failure is the writer described her tenure as “embattled.”  Katie tried to improve things at CBS. Obviously CBS management created a hostile environment, or perhaps it was those meddling Conservatives who didn’t allow her to succeed.

Succeed she didn’t! Couric took CBS Evening News from bad to “badder.” CBS tried everything including sending the perky Couric across the world in 2010 to see if “George Bush’s War” would give her the shot in the arm the broadcast needed. It didn’t work. CBS’s Couric managed to reach the lowest ratings for the show in 20 years. With an outcome like that, I suggest Couric run for President.

With her current resume-booster, Couric is said to be in “serious talks with CNN, CBS, and NBC, less serious with ABC” for a daytime network talk show.  We really DO have a black president—a white woman is now following in the footsteps of the ‘Queen of Daytime Talk Shows,’ Ms. Oprah Winfrey.

Ironically it was rumored in 2010 that Couric might try to replace Oprah, as Couric’s contract expired coincidentally when Oprah planned on leaving her talk show after 25 years. As this report suggests, in 2010 CBS execs were beginning to turn the heat up on Couric for her unprecedented $15M a year salary, and there were talks of pay cuts. During that same time, CBS had to lay people off their flagship program 60 Minutes, because the acquisition of Couric had not increased ad revenues enough to cover her over-bloated salary.

Can Katie fill Oprah’s well-worn shoes? Oprah must not think so, as Katie is not even talking to OWN, Oprah’s new network. And why should Oprah try to get Katie, as Katie couldn’t even replace a dude. Speaking of dudes, does anybody even remember who Couric replaced? Exactly.

Though Katie has taken the woman’s movement back into the ‘50s, it’s not all her fault. It’s Liberals’ fault.

We are well past the idea of talking about “firsts.” The first woman news anchor should have been no big deal. What next, the first black woman news anchor, the first “openly gay” news anchor, the first black “openly gay” news anchor, the first Muslim, the first “openly gay” Muslim, the first black openly gay Muslim woman…you get the picture.

In the time of the first gay black president, I would hope that we can finally put all the “firsts” behind us. First are no longer significant, as they were in the past.  To compare what Jesse Owens did to Hitler’s idea of Aryan Nation with the first woman news anchor puts it all in perspective.

“Firsts” in the old days meant something, and much of the time firsts had amazing positive social significance. When Jack Johnson became the first black heavyweight champion of the world, that was something. And after beating up all the white guys, Johnson had the nerve to date white women publicly. Now that was a “first” worth noting.

White people (mainly Democrats) all over the country came to see somebody, ANYBODY who would beat the crap out of “that N-word.” But Johnson just kept whoopin’ white men. Johnson was a main reason for the success of boxing for some many years, and paved the way for many other black boxers, and is likely the reason boxers talk in third person.

Jackie Robinson was another notable first. Jackie got called everything but a child of God when he crossed the color line in baseball; but he represented black people and the sport of baseball like a gentleman and a champion. Baseball is better because of Jackie Robinson.

But Couric has done nothing for network news. She will be a footnote as a token in network news history, because there was nothing significant about her getting the role except CBS wanting a “first.”

My hope is that the election of Obama ends the firsts, at least for some time. Obama, like Couric proves that being a first in this day and time means nothing. It certainly doesn’t mean things will improve, as neither has managed to do even a lick of good.

I say we need to get away from all the firsts and go back to just being the best.

That’s my rant!

©2011 Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere, LLC – All Rights Reserved

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