Entitlement is a Dirty Word

Obama’s budget, and it reminds me of the joke where the wife asks her husband ‘Should I get a bikini or an all-in-one?’ The husband replies, ‘Better get a bikini…you’ll never get it all in one.’

The budget is out of control because of the thing that Obama says makes America great: Entitlements. Who knew that giving money to the shiftless and lazy is the way we are supposed to measure ourselves?

Apparently America is at the pinnacle of its greatness, because we are giving it all away. I read recently that 50% of Americans are receiving entitlements, and more shocking 56% of illegal immigrants are receiving them. I can understand 10% of Americans receiving entitlements, because Conservatives are sensitive to the plight of the underprivileged, despite the lies from the lunatic Left. But 50% just helps me understand how many lazy Leftoids there are, who believe they are entitled to our money, so 40% of Americans are as worthless as a thong in Rosie O’Donnell’s wardrobe.

Like the aforementioned 40%, illegal aliens are entitled to nothing except to be thrown out of the bar. We’ve all seen the movies where the bouncers escort the troublemaker out of the trendy bar full of gorgeous hotties, and then toss him onto the sidewalk. Well America is the trendy bar full of gorgeous hotties called Conservatives. We value our club and we won’t let just anybody in. You have to dress right, and “know somebody,” or say hello to the pavement.

A NY Times columnist disagrees with me, and says that Republicans are trying to make entitlement a dirty word.  It really sucks that we are still only “trying.”  Entitlement is a dirty word. Life entitles you to nothing except to die, and even that doesn’t have to be pretty.

These days Liberals want to provide free residences, food, cars, cell phones, TVs, video games, and about everything else. It’s quite frankly ridiculous. It would be different if the government provided basics, and there was incentive to work for an X-Box. But the government will give you the X-Box too and free games, all confiscated from some hard-working Conservative.

When did it become a source of pride to get entitlements? Further, those who are best at defrauding the system are heralded in their communities, looked upon as policy gurus. In the old days, people hid the fact that they needed government assistance, and worked hard to get off the system. Not any more, Rip Van Winkle.

To remove the stigma of being a freeloader, the government has gone to the welfare credit card.  And in CA you can now buy liquor and cigarettes on your welfare credit card. CA is saying, “Screw it, things are so bad here, we might as well let you smoke and/or drink yourselves to death!”  You never know with the Left. These entitlements have gotten us the worst credit rating in the modern era. Nevertheless, entitlements did one good thing, and that is to expose just how inept at finance and economics Obama is.

The national debt adds $1M every 20 seconds. Imagine what national lottery we could have, if we had no debt? We could create a millionaire every 20 seconds, or roughly 4300 millionaires every day. How’s that for stimulus!

Despite our little debt problem Obama wants to keep printing money, keep spending money, and raise the debt ceiling. Why bother calling it a ceiling, since the debt ceiling has already been raised three times in The Time of O. Let’s just call it a moving target.

So what if we hit the debt ceiling? It’s not like the lights will go off in America. Will Lockheed stop building that next missile system, or will they just say, “Well looks like our #1 client is gonna be late for a bit?”  Given that our credit rating was lowered, I suspect our creditors already know what’s happening.

Yet, government credit cards are not being cut. Nobody’s threatening to repossess Air Force One and Obama is not hiding the presidential limos in a DC storage locker, and having Secret Service run interference from creditors. No, Obama is still living large, likely planning his next taxpayer-funded vacation.

The only thing we have done that is more stupid than allowing the Geri-curl and plus-sized spandex is the election of Obama. The New Black Panthers know it, Louis Farrakhan knows it, and Oprah knows it. Deal with it Liberal America, because you know it.

In the midst of a financial meltdown that cost the American taxpayers $1.4T, Obama and Geithner said to the Wall Street Journal that they are optimistic about the budget deficit.  How can you be optimistic about the budget deficit, seriously? That’s like being optimistic about being three months behind on your mortgage.  Surpluses make you happy, not deficits.

Obama’s solution is to attack the most productive people in America: The Conservative rich. The Liberal rich are the morons, but Conservative rich people work for a living and create jobs. They also create opportunity, the thing that people used to come to America to find, and not at the welfare office.

There is certainly enough history on the subject of tax increases that you would think Obama wouldn’t even consider such a lamebrain notion. But as Obama said in 2008 about raising the Capital Gains Tax, he would do it “…for fairness purposes.” Fair to whom?

When Maryland passed a higher tax rate on people earning $1 million a year or more, the number of millionaires living in Maryland fell from nearly 8,000 to fewer than 6,000. Maryland counted on $106 million in increase revenue, but instead revenues fell by $257 million. Oops.

Enough is enough America. Entitlement is a dirty word, unless you have earned what you are entitled to.

That’s my rant!

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