Obama’s Dirty Secret?

Obama’s Dirty Secret?, by Kevin Jackson

The only people who don’t want to disclose the truth are people with something to hide ~ Barack Hussein Obama 8/21/10

Trump is on another interesting Obama topic…that of Obama’s mis-education. Trump rightfully questions how a terrible student at Occidental College–the equivalent of Whats-A-Matta-U–gets into Columbia.  And if that’s not impressive enough, how does a terrible student at Columbia then gets into Harvard?

Obama is heralded as a mental giant because he was president of Harvard Law Review, though he was the first such appointee selected based on “popularity.” The orchestration of Obama’s persona was propelled, but not because of his grades. When you consider the manipulation involved to gain such a coveted position, it was a real coup, particularly because Obama’s grades sucked. Like the presidency of Harvard Law Review, Obama now has gained two presidencies based simply on being black.

Why am I so sure that Obama’s grades sucked? Because, upon graduation from Harvard with a Juris Doctorate degree and being president of Law Review, Obama received a whopping ONE job offer.

That’s right, Obama is the Bizarro World version of Tom Cruise in The Firm. Both men were pursued by one criminal organization and accepted the job.  Cruise played a spectacular graduate of Harvard, who was pursued by many and accepted the job at the mob law firm of Bendini, Lambert & Locke.  Obama played the terrible law student from Harvard who got ONE job offer from the firm of Davis, Miner, Barnhill & Galland at the behest of convicted criminal Tony Rezko, one of the firm’s clients.

Forget what you may think of Obama, and ask yourself this very simple question:

How many job offers would you expect a Magna Cum Laude graduate of Harvard Law and president of Harvard Law Review to get?

When you consider all the partying with radicals that Obama did, you understand that Obama was forced to find a ruse. He needed to appear smart, even though he’s so dumb, he steals free samples.  Obama used the appearance of being a “black sophisticate” to create his persona. This wouldn’t work if Obama played it straight, as in not hanging out with radicals or “acting white.”  He had to act different, edgy, as in a juvenile delinquent. Ivy League material?

During his 2008 campaign, as it became clear that he would likely win the presidency, Obama warned America that we should not believe the hype. He said essentially that people are putting too much stock in his persona.  He was level-setting with his most rabid supporters. They didn’t want to hear it; they had their empty suit.

So while others continue to be interested in the constitutionality of Obama’s presidency, the Left is more fearful of something else. The Left is now deathly afraid that America may find out that Obama is so stupid, he thinks fruit punch is a gay boxer.

Can you imagine the scandal when the Left has to admit publicly that the guy they have touted as the smartest guy in the world had WORSE grades than Bush?!! This is potentially huge, much more so than the birth certificate issue. The Left is fine with a foreign communist dictator running the country, as long as he “shows well.”  But to find out that the man they went “all in” on is stupid, well I predict they turn on him like a German eating a wiener schnitzel.

Asking for a birth certificate might be considered taboo by the Left, but asking to see grades?  Grades should be no big deal, particularly when their guy is undoubtedly the smartest president ever? Remember all the talk during the campaign about America finally getting a “smart” president, after eight years of Bush. The Left spoke of Obama’s brilliance, as if he put the shine in shinola. We were told that Obama graduated Magna Cum Laude from Harvard, the pinnacle of Ivy League credentials.  I bet when the truth comes out, we will find that somebody made a big donation to Harvard on Obama’s behalf, and that his grades were bought.  I don’t think Obama could pass a Correspondence Test, if he didn’t have Ayers nearby to help him fill in the circles.

The truth about Obama’s lack of great intellect would erode the bedrock of the Liberals’ foundation. To find out that their smart guy is dumber than ‘Larry the Cable Guy’ would be devastating. The Left would have to rethink their support of all Obama’s “revolutionary” policies. What will people think about all those “great” Harvard ideas then?

The Left has been duped by a lunatic of their own choosing. Which is it lunatic Left? You either put a liar in the White House who is a foreign student and thus ineligible to be president, or you elected a guy too stupid to choose his own socks.

I’ve been giving Harvard a difficult time, as I have openly questioned the worth of a Harvard degree, given the actions of Harvard’s most famous black student.  But I could forgive them if they got $50M to pass Obama along.  Universities pass black athletes who don’t have the academic credential, as long as the athlete helps further the university’s own cause.  Why not do the same for a radical communist, who had the potential to change America as we know it.

It’s taken $2M for Obama and his helpers (Supreme Court InJustice Kagan, Harvard, Columbia, Occidental, Hawaii, and many others) to keep his records secret, so I’m curious how much money Donald Trump will spend to crack open the shell of controversy?  But that’s where my interest ends. Because I already know that whatever shell Trump is able to crack, an unsavory nut was once inside.

That’s my rant!

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