Can Whites be Chimps?

The Left obsesses with racism, except their own. And they have become expert at making anything the Right does racist, then blaming all Republicans and Conservatives, as if one incident condemns the lot of us.  You can count on the Left continuing the “Republicans and Conservatives are racist” meme well into 2012 and beyond.  Because of the 50M registered Republicans, there will always be at least ONE Republican who does something that the Left will consider racist.

The most recent Republican snafu has CA Republican National Committee member Marilyn Davenport emailing a picture depicting Obama as the child of chimpanzees.  What’s not being discussed is the picture clearly implies that Obama’s mother was a chimpanzee as well as he and his father, thus making the picture equally racist against blacks and whites.

Because of all the hoopla this graphic created, I asked myself, “Are white people tougher than black Liberals?”

White folks are not complaining about the distastefulness of the picture depicting a white woman as a chimpanzee, ergo stupid, much less the racial underpinnings.  White people aren’t complaining, because white people don’t feel like chimpanzees.  All the photoshopped chimps of white people traveling the information superhighway won’t change the way white people feel about themselves.

But let a black man be depicted as a chimpanzee and all hell breaks loose.  Black liberals are upset, but white Liberals are even more outraged on behalf of Obama.  Yet again white Liberals feel the need to protect the black man who is currently the most powerful person in the world. Do I really need to point out just how racist this is?

Ok I will. White Liberals want us to clearly understand that ANY white person is more powerful than the most powerful black man in the world. The most heinous of racist think this way.

These Liberal racists felt no such need to protect George Bush, who was often compared to chimpanzees or worse, much moreso than Obama. The same is true of Nancy Pelosi. She has been depicted as the Wicked Witch of the West, the bride of Hitler, and of course a panhandling monkey, yet nobody black or white came to her aid.

The reason Bush and other whites are not protected is you can’t protect up, only down.

Those more powerful than us don’t need our protection.  The top of the food chain doesn’t look for help from the less powerful.  Fighters don’t look to their cornermen to fight for them.  Fathers don’t look to their children to protect them.  The silverback gorilla doesn’t look to his mate to protect him.

When Jesus—arguably the #1 white guy in the world—is disparaged, the Left just calls it “art.” The Right leaves it up to God to handle His business.  What can we do for The Almighty?! And God does handle His business!

Last time I checked, ALL humans are only a rat’s hair from being chimpanzees anyway, not just black people. So why do black Liberals always seem to take it personally. I’m no chimp, and neither is anybody in my family. In fact, don’t protect me, because like whites, black Conservatives are at the top of the food chain, thus in need of no protection.

I call Liberals of all colors chimps (with apologies to chimps) daily, because generally Liberals act like chimps or worse. Liberal lunacy is entertaining, and the inspiration for Hollywood using chimpanzee as caricatures of people so often.

Is there an acceptable animal to call black people? We call each other “dawg.” How disparaging is that?

We say worse things like “What’s up my N*gga?” A term of endearment.

We have excited utterances like, “That’s my mutha-f—ker, right there!” when another person (color notwithstanding) says or does something we really like, and MF is considered a compliment in those circumstances. So I can see how white folks can get confused.

I am in no way condoning what Davenport did. It was juvenile humor to imply that Obama is hiding his birth certificate because he is from a family of chimpanzees, and Conservatives should be more clever than this in going after Obama.  He provides much more rich material almost daily.

The picture posted by Davenport might be in poor taste, but it’s not up to me to come to her aid.  She’s a big girl and she can handle the repercussions, and in fact her mea culpa has begun, as she has begun her apology tour. Next of course she will have to go through society-imposed racial sensitivity training.

It won’t matter what she does. She is now a racist, and a label more difficult to shake than that of a pedophile.  Her act will allow Liberals to demonize all Republicans over the next few months, as they pray to a pagan god that will allow for a few more Republican slip-ups between now and election time.

That’s my rant!

© 2011 Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere, LLC – All Rights Reserved

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