The Left’s Meltdown

Olbermann gone! Couric gone! Oprah gone! Are you sensing the desperation of the lamestream media?  Why aren’t we celebrating?

Oprah almost single-handedly got Obama elected in 2008, though it cost her dearly in her ratings.  You’d think that Oprah would stand by her decision to get Barack election, especially since he will need her more than ever in 2012. I guess four years of the first recognized black president is enough for Oprah, because she is gettin’ while the gettin’ is good.  Oh sure Oprah had the Obamas as guests on one of her final shows.  But this is because she is doing…her final shows.  And on NBC’s dime, not the Oprah Winfrey Network’s.  Oprah can say that she interviewed a sitting president, no matter how lame he was, nevertheless don’t expect Oprah to feature the Obamas for the next 18 months on OWN.

As for cutie Katie Couric, she played her part in the ascension of Obama when Couric attempted to destroy Sarah Palin.  Who laughing now?  Not Couric.  Perhaps Couric should have used part of that $100M salary to buy audience members, as she couldn’t scare up enough of an audience for a public access cable channel. Hey Katie, I can see Channel 147 from my back yard.

And has anybody heard a peep from Olbermann since he joined Al Gore’s network? If he was so relevant while at MSNBC, why does nobody care that he’s gone, including the Left! Buehler…Buehler? Olbermann is not even an afterthought in the political discourse.

Ed Schultz tried an Olbermann tactic, as Schultz was so hungry for attention he recently called Laura Ingraham a slut. That wasn’t even the interesting part. Watching Schultz feign contrition. He even invoked a self-imposed week with no pay, after talking with MSNBC executives, I’m guessing about his dismal ratings.

Schultz’ ploy worked. MSNBC was happy to not pay him for a week of poor ratings, and he made the news that I pay attention to. 15 seconds of Conservative infamy, then back to his hometown of Oblivia. I guess somewhere a tree fell in the woods?

The lamestream media no longer commands the bully-pulpit to sway public opinion. Sure the Left still owns TV, but they are far from relevant.  When you consider that their most-watched “pundit” is a comedian, you begin to get the picture.

It’s almost sad to watch as the lamestream media so wants to pull another McCain on the Right in 2012. It maddens them that they cannot control the process.  They feel compelled to select our candidate for us, and not because they adore their guy. The Left’s love affair with Obama is long gone; however they still adore their idea of Utopia (communism), even if they have to find another messenger.

The DNC recently ran campaign ads in South Carolina describing Romney and Gingrich as the front-runners on the Right. I haven’t found 10 people who are for either candidate, and the fact is that both campaigns are reeling from lack of support. Do you think the Left cares about the truth?

The Left implied that Mitch Daniels dropped out, because (get this):  He didn’t want to face the Obama juggernaut. It couldn’t possibly be because the Right didn’t want Daniels as a candidate.

The Obama juggernaut estimates they will need $1B for his next campaign. You’d think they would need less, not more, given what the Left is saying about potential competitors of Obama. The Left knows that Obama will need $1B+, union cheating, media spin, money from overseas, five crises, and the ghost of Jack Kennedy for Obama to get a second term.

Whether it’s a former media powerhouse like Oprah or a blabbermouth blowhard like Schultz, the state-run media has one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel. This is why they are so frightened of what has happened. And they are scheming day and night on how to keep the gravy train going.

A good example was the recent congressional race in NY, where Democrats ran a Tea Party candidate—a Democrat shill—and the other Democrat won. This was a brilliant strategy as it caused a rift with the Republican Party, and showed how disorganized the Tea Party is in some areas. The Left now claims that the win was a moratorium on the Republican’s stance on healthcare. Blatant lies are the Left’s creative manna.

Despite having it all for the past few years, the Left has lost ground in media while the Right has gained, even if only in radio. The Right dominates radio, where the Left is practically non-existent, which is why the Left losing their TV audience is catastrophic.  And this is why Obama’s numbers are dropping like Hillary Clinton’s jowls–they can’t control the spin on Obama’s policies.

With the loss of Oprah and others in media on the Left, the Right has systematically begun taking control of the media back from the Left, though I haven’t heard many pundits discussing it. Maybe that’s because there isn’t much room for celebration yet, as the Right is not doing much to capture that lost audience. I suggest we examine ways to do this, and support those who are trying.

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