The Lexicon of the Lunatic Left

Thanks to the Conreco Group for inspiring this blog, particularly Jeff King and Jason Ivey.

“He who controls the language controls the masses”. – Saul Alinsky in Rules for Radicals

The Left controls the lexicon, so Republicans are racists.  Democrats have convinced a whole group of people (black people) that Democrats love them, yet history undoubtedly proves that Democrats were and still are the biggest racists on the planet.

Democrats say they are for the poor, so Republicans are evil capitalists. Yet evidence proves that Democrats represent the richest in government, as they are in society as a whole.

“Birthers” only wants to verify the simplest of requirements for the office of president. “Birthers” requests the simplest of documents from a president, yet the Left has made this request seem ridiculous, giving a name to those expressing doubt. The name denotes the enemy.

“Tea Baggers” are affectionately termed because they want government to be accountable to the people, as opposed to extorted and treated as pawns. “Tea Baggers” want politicians to stop acting like kings and queens—you know, the reason America was formed in the first place. Silly tea-bagging historians.

Liberals use words like entitlement, investment, social reform, and many others that have come to mean something very different than they do in reality.

We are entitled to what we earn. Period.  Anything else is charity. Would you “invest” in the government?  We have “invested” $100B in Fannie/Freddie, and they want $8.5B more. The CEO of Freddie Mac says he likely won’t be able to pay us back. How’s that for return on your investment? As for social reform, America is in a constant state of reform. The election of a black president proves reform.  What else would the Left have us reform, besides America as we know it.

The very same America that was the envy of all other nations, that is until the Liberals began their tinkering. What we now have is lunacy, where the lazy are rewarded, regardless of their country of origin or immigration status.

Statism appeals to those too lazy to understand that government is never benevolent.  Government depends on the uninformed, who listen only to soundbites or clever slogans. This type of communication appeals at the emotional level, but rarely passes the muster of an inspection. This is why the Left sees government as an “investment.”

Phrases like, no tax cuts for the rich, pay their fair share. The rich are getting richer, the poor are getting poorer. No blood for oil. It’s my body.  Health care is a right. Education is a right. Welfare is a right.

Leftism promises something to someone, always at the expense of someone else.  And the someone else must be vilified for the ruse to work.  Enter stage Right.

Leftists fear the imposition of the Right’s morality on them. Conservatism interferes with the Left’s hedonistic free-sex ‘if it feels good do it” attitude. As one of my friends put it, the Left bows to the almighty orgasm.

The Left wants to regulate us from cradle to grave, and they have the biggest bully on the block, the Fed to do their will. Big Oil, Big Tobacco, and Wal-Mart are demonized by the Left, yet they pale in comparison to the power of the Fed. None of those evil capitalist companies can shut down your business or put you in jail. In fact, all evil capitalist companies do is provide opportunities. Government provides nothing, except the threat of more government. The result is the slow and steady low loss of freedom for all of us.

The Fed regulates what foods to eat, what cars to buy, how high or low to set our thermostats, what type of toilets to use.  Their moral imperative? Saving the planet!

Gay rights are a moral imperative. A woman’s right to choose is a moral imperative.  Welfare is a moral imperative, healthcare is a moral imperative, and everything else the Left wants is a moral imperative. It’s difficult to argue against moral imperatives without sounding harsh. But who are the arbiters of all that is moral?  The small group of elitists on the Left, with the support of their group-think: The Lunatic Left.

The Right won’t own the lexicon, until we own the institutions.  That’s how we will shape public opinion. Conservatives must seek an “unfair and unbalanced” media, and we must change our current indoctrination system, called public education. Conservatives must create and use the lexicon consistently and repetitively.

Entitlement = Deadbeat compensation

Education = Mis-education

Social reform = Social deform

Social security = Social insecurity or unsocial security

Medicare = MediWait

Rush has been best at getting some foothold, e.g. FemiNazi, Screwal (school). And we are now using “lamestream” in reference to the state-run media. Academia for me is Wackademia. But it will take much more creativity on our part to (1) define Liberal lunacies, and (2) to make them stick. The right rarely sets the lexicon, and when they do, they rarely follow through.

As for defining ourselves, we are Realists! We are products of human nature, where everybody is different, but our actions are predictable. We are guided by God-given core values, something the mostly God-less Left can’t understand.

Reality can be difficult to deal with. But Conservatives observe and readily accept reality. Look at the reality of the black community, the U.S. debt, illegal immigration, and ask yourself if Conservatives are reacting to the reality of the issues. Even communists recognize reality; they just choose to do nothing. Realists react.

For the Left, the Utopians everything must be perfect, or they continue to tweak. Tweakers tweak, because they don’t know when to stop. It’s a drug for them to believe that perfection is possible, fairness achievable. They take apart the radio, then put it back together with spare parts strewn about, and all that’s left is a broken radio.  Realists understand that the only perfection is in individualism, and even that is not 100% perfect, just the closest it is possible to achieve.

From the movie Men In Black:

Agent J (Will Smith) in protesting a long standing agency policy of keeping the public in the dark about threats from other galaxies, tells his partner Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones)

“People are smarter than that”.

K replies: “No.  A person is smart.  People are scared, dumb animals.”

That’s my rant!

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