New Obama Tax is Racist

Obama’s inability to capitalize on what the Left deemed Bush’s War for Oil has left America bone dry on black gold. Not only can Obama not fill Bush’s shoes in keeping oil prices down–$1.87 when Bush left office—but Obama’s incompetence in dealing with the economy has led ironically to Obama punishing poor, proposing a restrictive and racist tax on mileage.

Though I’m certainly no fan of the new tax, I will give the government credit in that they are finally looking at legislation that may inspire poor people to become rich, as opposed to the constant “hand out, palms up” attitude.

The government is saying to poor people, “Your travel will be restricted to what you can afford.” The new mileage tax is the Obama administration putting a leash on poor people. And why not?! With all the money the government provides for poor people, why shouldn’t the government have the ability to restrict your travel? That’s how communist countries operate—keep tabs on the people they pay for.[1]

In America, poor people have already been corralled into government communities; so it’s only fitting that after all the expense to collect them, that the government would need to keep its wards on a short leash.

If the government wants to distribute “gubment” cheese (or flat screen TVs), it’s much easier to have people in one place. Housing units that hold enough people to populate small towns can be contained in a city block. Assign a “civic leader,” pipe in BET or Telemundo, and voila, the government has its command and control infrastructure in place.

For the poor who continue to believe in the American Dream, they drive the farthest to get to work. The government has made sure that there is little opportunity in their neighborhoods. It’s better this way, as when a poor parent has windshield time, they have plenty of time to contemplate that their children are wards of the government. These poor working stiffs get the pleasure of becoming grandparents at age 35.

Meanwhile, rich people can afford houses near their jobs, or they telecommute, work from home. They get to spend time with the family, do homework, or plan that next family vacation. They can drive anywhere, anytime.

Not the poor.  Don’t think the new mileage tax will negate the existing tax on gasoline.  And despite the Cash for Clunkers program, poor people drive clunkers, as most didn’t qualify for the deal.[2] These clunkers known by poor people as “hoop-tees” get about 8-10 mpg on a good day.

In order to implement this new mileage tax, the government will need to know where you are. So they will outfit your vehicle with a gadget. That gadget will have GPS and a recorder that will tell the government where and when you have driven your car.

In order to pay this new tax, you will have to take your vehicle to some newly formed over-bureaucratic agency that will install the gadget, initially free, then for a fee.  That same agency will later read the gadget and tell you how much you have to pay for the tax. That agency will be stacked with union employees who will have the ability to confiscate your vehicle if you have tampered with the gadget or cannot pay your tax.

Eventually the government will increase the fee for the gadget, increase the mileage tax, and create so much paperwork that it will require an accountant to calculate the tax.  It will cost you triple the money to compute the tax you will need to pay.

No matter how egregious the situation, rich people will be able to pay the new tax.  Poor people on the other hand will just need to draw a line around the map of their neighborhoods, and decide how far they can get. Because if this new tax were to pass, I predict that poor people won’t even be able to leave their neighborhoods within a few years. Those that can will have to ask for permission.

Fear not, poor people. There is something sinister in this new tax even for those who can afford it.  Sure the government is all about the benjamins.[3] This tax is also about control. What the government can’t control with money, they will control with the potential for extortion. Imagine what the government knows in tracking your every move?

Finally, this new tax is about an agenda. Essentially the government is disguising an emissions tax in the form of mileage. The more you drive, the more emissions you create, ergo the bigger your {you guessed it} carbon footprint.

The Green agenda is alive and well, and it is the biggest potential money grab on the planet. This tax is a test of the propaganda campaign that has been going on for decades.  Another incremental step towards confiscation of your wealth, literally into thin air.  If the Fed can pass this, then they will continue to look for taxes just like it, until they have essentially implemented the Green agenda, and they will begin stripping money from you like a poor man sucking a neck bone.

If you don’t want this new tax, you are a capitalist racist, and don’t you forget it.  Because all your government wants to do is help the poor and save the environment.

That’s my rant!

© 2011 Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere, LLC – All Rights Reserved.

[1] In some communist countries, you must get permission to leave your city, then check in at your destination.

[2] 30% of cars impounded are not claimed

[3] The government wants the money

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