Kansas City Containing Minorities

Kansas City Democrats are implementing what they call a “pilot program” to step up police controls. This new program is being trumpeted as a way to curb violence in certain neighborhoods. But as with all things that Liberals attempt to do “to help,” you have to investigate the meaning behind the meaning.

As this article explains,

“In recent years, a 16-block area along Armour Boulevard has racked up seven homicides, 74 aggravated assaults and more than 100 robberies.

Those statistics from 2008 through 2010 made the neighborhood one of the highest-crime areas in Kansas City.

In case you missed it in that snippet, this is a black “area.” There are three other such areas touted for the new foot patrols:

•Independence Avenue from Chestnut to Chelsea avenues, and about half a block on either side of Independence Avenue.

•A three-block swath near Main Street from roughly Armour to 39th Street.

•A four-block area from roughly Prospect Avenue to Benton Boulevard and 25th to 29th streets.

These are all crime and drug-infested black urban enclaves, otherwise known as ghettos, and all are contained in Missouri District 5, whose black overseer is Democrat Emanuel Cleaver.  Cleaver can be proud, because two of these four enclaves made the Top 25 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in America list, both neighborhoods cracking the Top 10 at #6 and #8.

As Kristen Carney points out,

Blacks & Hispanics are less likely to live in walkable neighborhoods. Whites are more likely to live in walkable neighborhoods.

Walkable neighborhoods are safe neighborhoods. Blacks and Hispanics live in neighborhood prisons.

The idea of the program is to send pairs of rookie officers into these unwalkable neighborhoods to perform “meet and greets.” If the people know the police and feel a connection, perhaps they will be more willing to work with police, as opposed to wanted to kill them. Works for me. After all, Ice-T wrote Cop Killer, then played one on TV.

I know what you’re thinking. “More cops in bad neighborhoods is a good thing, Kevin!” But that’s not the aim of this program as we learn from Deputy Chief Cy Ritter who explained the real motive of the program:

“We didn’t want the areas to get too big.”

Translation: We have corralled all the blacks (and soon the Hispanics) into easy to manage area, so now let’s not let them expand. After they finish killing each other, we’ll report back.

Rebecca Koop, executive director of the Northeast Kansas City Chamber of Commerce said, “A cop on the beat,” she said. “We haven’t had that in a long time. … A visible police presence will give the appearance that it’s safe and that it’s watched.”

The Chamber is content that black neighborhoods will “appear” safe. Come to Kansas City – The City that appears safe!

Here’s a suggestion for Kansas City Liberals. How about you actually try to inspire economic growth in those neighborhoods? Too bad that would go against the overseer of all things black in Kansas City, Emanuel Cleaver. Far be it for him to actually stop producing black victims, and begin empowering blacks in KC, lest he be out of a job.

This presents a huge opportunity for the Republicans to showcase exactly what is happening in Kansas City, and we can only hope that KC Republicans seize the moment. But this is not just a Kansas City problem, it’s a “city” problem, where Democrats are in charge. Republicans all over the country should showcase what happens when Democrats are in charge, and how they treat their minority wards. Cops are not for protection in black neighborhoods, they are for containment.

That’s my rant!

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