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The Greater Depression

In reflecting on Obama, I thought to myself that he’s a one-hit wonder, though Obama hasn’t actually had a hit. Getting elected with no credentials is a hit of sorts?

That said, no longer can Obama hide behind an obscure voting record, get potential adversaries off the ticket, or use blasé mantras. As a sitting president he must stand naked before the man, and deal with something he has never had to deal with in his life:  Accountability.

He can try to spin things anyway he wants, but results speak for themselves.

The stock market is falling as precipitously as it rose, having lost ground for the longest period since The Great Depression. It’s not like the market rise was a real indicator of a recovery anyway, as it was more an indicator of the falling value of the dollar.

Home equities haven’t dropped this much than since The Great Depression with over $6T of the home equity vanished.

We have the highest real unemployment rate since The Great Depression.

Let’s just call this period in America history what it is…The GREATER Depression.

We are being told things like, “…the recovery is stalled.” The Left believes that if they say it enough, people will believe it. Recovery, recovery, recovery! However, when your platform is one of redistribution of wealth, and you’ve run out of wealth, well the natives are restless.

The Left hungers for more.  Democrats: The real white meat!

Obama produced a “win.” Now the Left wants to know what’s he going to do that’s better than his win? When the best thing you can do is win and squander, there is no sequel. No part two. No second hit.

This is why despite what one of my idols, the great economist Walter Williams says, I believe Obama will lose in 2012 and lose handily. The Left now knows that they have a one-hit wonder. Evidence?  The golden boy can no longer draw an unpaid crowd.

Remember when Obama could have a sold out fundraiser at a graveyard? He had reached rock star status by November of 2008, yet 2008 must seem like eons ago. The same people who predicted the demise of the Republican Party and the Conservative movement have been proven to be as crazy as Charlie Sheen.

Contrast Obama’s current popularity with Sarah Palin. Palin wraps a bus and hits the road on a non-descript tour, and the media follow in a frenzy like lusting teenage boys. Palin draws huge crowds at events, three to five times what Obama can draw, and Palin doesn’t even have an outward agenda. And she is not a declared presidential candidate.

As much as Obama would like to again catch the lightning in a bottle of 2008, it’s just not happening.

A recent fundraiser had all the glitz and glamour of Obama events in 2008, the U2 soundtrack to City of Blinding Lights better known as Obama’s Anthem. Shills and other paid unionites flanked Obama in hopes of recreating the fervor of 2008, but there was one problem:  The crowd forgot to show up.

The top level at the 2,200 seat concert hall where the rally was held was as empty as Joy Behar’s head. One Democrat official said they expected 900 people, since they had sold 980 tickets, nonetheless the place looked like a Route 219 karaoke bar on a Tuesday night.

You know things are bad, when people who have bought tickets have better things to do, than to go see His O-Ness, unimaginable in 2008. And this was not a high dollar, $10,000 a plate affair either. Tickets to this event were as low as $44, symbolic for Obama being #44. Also symbol for Obama not being #44 Part Two.

Obama got the ‘one finger salute’ from the very people who elected him with vigor. People are broke, and now noticeably upset at Obama. They were happy to be squeezed by him during “The Bush Years,” however they have no plans on being part of the “Billion Dollar Debacle” that he has planned for 2012. Pretty ballsy to tell people how much you plan to spend of their money to get re-elected.

“The reason we’re here today is because our work’s not done,” Obama said after hushing the crowd. “Our work is not complete. We’re not at the summit. We’re just part way up the mountain. There is more to do.”

No. For Obama, “There is more to get!”

Perhaps there is more to do. But from my vantage point, in the words of one-hit wonder Vanilla Ice, it looks like Obama’s going to be on “Ice Ice Baby” after November 2012.

That’s my rant!

© 2011 Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere, LLC – All rights reserved.

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