Weiner – Symbol of the Democrat Party…

It’s been my not-so-guilty pleasure seeing Weiner squirm. In the most evil Conservative’s lab one could not create a more phallic symbol of a Liberal NY Democrat than Weiner. Smug, aloof, brash, and a complete idiot.

Weiner was the kid that nobody liked in school. Weiner was the schoolyard tattletale, the teacher’s pet, the kid who reminded the teacher at the bell that she forgot to give out homework.  He was the resident suck-up, no matter what stage in life.

Whatever Weiner accomplished in life was at the expense of others and always to ultimately benefit him. Can you imagine what growing up looking like Weiner would have been, and carrying THAT name? His choices were to become the best or to become the Weiner that he has become. Based on his decision, Weiner was an ass-kicking waiting to happen every day, when he was growing up.

We’ve all seen the movies where the nerd hears about the big “secret” party, but the nerd has to stay home. That kid was Weiner.  He wasn’t’ one of the “cool people.” He dated only the desperate girls, hung out with the misfits.

Because of this, Weiner lived his life in “revenge” mode, always wanting to get back at those he felt were “given more” than he, “more” being looks, brains, athleticism, or whatever. Weiner never just put in the effort, and kept his eye on the prize; he just looked for the angle. He leveraged every situation to his own benefit.

He became good at understanding what motivated people to help him get ahead, even those who knew what he was about. Privately people would describe him as affable, friendly, willing to go the extra mile. But the astute among us know his personality type, i.e. throw anybody and everybody under the bus in pursuit of power. He so craves it, partly to get back at all those who scorned him, and also for what power can give him.

Fast forward.

The power Weiner now has is intoxicating.  He can attend the “cool” events.  Women are attracted to his power, so he can finally have a few of the women he formerly could not even dare to think about dating. He can finally have all the things he had seen so many others get all along the way in life. He wants it all, and he wants it now.

And he is in danger of losing it. As my friend Jason Ivey writes:

What strikes me is the ease with which he [Weiner] lies. Looking right into the camera. Or, if you really look at his body language, the way he subtly looks down when the most direct or embarrassing questions are asked. What this story is really about is extreme arrogance and deceit. I understand that we can’t say with 100% certainty that Weiner has done what is suspected, but his behavior and his statements and answers give every indication that he did it, and that he’s lying about it. We know the type: ambitious ruling-class personality, who has politicked his way up the ladder since he was a child. Better than everybody else. Using whomever he has to get what he wants. Fiercely ambitious. Nothing will stand in the way of his power, and he’ll tell any lie necessary to keep it or advance it. That’s the Democrat Party in a nutshell: Arrogant, ruling-class elitists who will abuse their power, then lie to their wives, co-workers, and the people they supposedly represent. Power is everything. Words are simply tools of trickery.

Like Bill Clinton…he’s the perfect face of the Democrat Party.

I agree with Jason, and add further commentary from my friend and political sage, Dave Perkins:

Clinton lowered the standard on lying right to the public’s face, and since then the Left have all figured they can get away with it too.  But the truth is opposite.  The public is more cynical.   Clinton’s gift of gab, considerable though it was, wasn’t such a matter of pure skill as it was that the public was not yet prepared to be lied to like that.  Now we are far more cynical, we expect it; and men of lesser skill are now convinced they can do it like Clinton did.  Clinton poisoned that well and fools still jump in and expect to float high…

We knew Bill Clinton, we were lied to by Bill Clinton, and Weiner…you are no Bill Clinton.

Now we all know:  Once a Weiner, always a Weiner.

That’s my rant!

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