A Nation IN Dependence

Today we celebrate our nation’s independence, yet many Americans see today as just a day to have a picnic. Who can blame them, when you consider what they unlearned about this day because of the Left.  With 47% of Americans getting some funding from the government’s confiscation of our tax dollars, aren’t we really celebrating IN Dependence Day?

Thankfully traditionalists, Conservatives provide the constant reminders of our love for tradition and this country. Conservatives constantly remind the Left about things like Judeo-Christian values, support of our military, the sanctity of marriage and family, fiscal responsibility, things that quite frankly should be melded in the American psyche. But the Left can’t stand those Conservative values.

The Left hate us, because we want to protect them from themselves. Imagine what would happen if the Left actually got what they want? America would be bankrupt and likely resemble some rogue Third-World nation or worse.

It’s almost humorous to think of a future where the Right is gone and the Left is left. Shari’a Law would be in effect, and Hollywood movies would be tributes to Muhammed…or Bill Clinton. TV would feature all Shari’a all the time, with Imams vying for audience share.

Think of what the beaches would look like, women walking around in burkas, sunning the slit in their face on their headdresses. I’d like to see some of the Left’s feminists handle their new way of life.

This is why Conservatives are shocked by the Left’s assault on our religious values and doctrines. Like removing “under God” from the pledge.  The Muslims will just add back “under Allah.”

The Left won’t allow the flag to be flown on public property, citing “an impermissible act of public expression,” or they won’t let people use the words Heaven, God or Jesus at a veteran’s cemetery. The Left decry religion, but consistently support Shari’a, what’s up with that?

The Left speak of choice, but usually when it involves the death of babies. They don’t seem to care about choice when it comes to allowing government to usurp our rights.  We are far less free than when the Founding Fathers of this nation were protesting against the tyranny of a single king. The King taxed, but he likely wouldn’t have cared about the amount of water in our toilets or if our cars had airbags. Muslims won’t care about our freedoms either.

The Left have destroyed education, creating the dumbest generation of people in the history of the country. They will defend education, citing all the technological advances.  But it was the generations before who made it easy. If today’s students were dropped back into the ’50s, we’d still be manufacturing buggy whips.

The Left assaults marriage, when gays have civil unions. They want us to acknowledge their desires to be judged by their sexuality. “Hello, I’m Leslie and I’m a lesbian.”

Uh…nice to meet you!  Is it ok if I just call you Les?

The Left have assaulted poor families, particularly black families for decades, so much so that that single black mothers now outnumber whole black families. I’m not sure what a black picnic looks like these days. Do the “baby daddies” show up?

How far does the Left need to go to outrage you?!

As I celebrate my 48th Fourth of July, I remember my feelings about all the other 4ths of July that passed. I thank my Creator for allowing me to be born in this great nation, and I feel sorry for those born elsewhere. I would not want to consider being born elsewhere, as I know I would be thinking about what it would be like to be an American! Thankfully I don’t have to consider that.

Americans say things like, “I’d love to visit [insert country here],” knowing that there is nothing there that can keep of us from returning home to America. Such is not the case for those born outside of America. Those non-Americans connive to get to America. Many have died trying. You can count the number of Americans on one hand who have died trying to get to live in another country, save criminals escaping prosecution.

We are fortunate to have never awakened longing to be American, as billions of others have and still do. Even knowing this, Liberals have the nerve to criticize America. Many conspire to bring her down, to eliminate that overwhelming desire for others to want to come here. These Liberals don’t understand the true American spirit, because I don’t consider them Americans.

I fight to create a country where the next generation is willing to fight harder than I to continue the greatness that was passed down to me. I honor those who fought and those who continue to fight in whatever capacity to give me a voice, small though it may be in the cause of freedom and the American way.

Happy Independence Day, America!

That’s my rant!

Kevin Jackson is author of The BIG Black Lie and The Black Sphere blog.

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