Spending into O-blivion

Americans receive constant attacks of Liberalism each day, so much so that we begin to forget how to reason.  Like, why are we not talking about lowering the debt ceiling, and instead negotiating on how to raise it? Republicans are using “not raising taxes” as their bargaining chip to allow Obama to continue to spend us into “O-blivion!”

We’ve got boy scouts fighting Israeli commandos, when it comes to the Republicans representing us against the Democrats. Obama’s performance over the past two years has been like watching an orangutan play violin, yet the Republicans treat him like Yoyo Ma.

Obama’s cautions that not raising the debt ceiling will cause interest rates to rise, and we will be in inflation, thus increasing the interest on the debt, ergo the debt. So what Obama wants to do is to allow the deficit to go to infinity, where he pretends we won’t have THE SAME PROBLEM! He really thinks we are that stupid.

If you exceed your home debt ceiling, you are forced to cut your budget, fast.

If you’re lucky enough to have had your job saved by Obama, I doubt you are getting a raise.  You certainly better not consider leaving that job for another, or you really are a trombone player with a pager–an optimist. Don’t even think about trying to find a second job in this economy.

However, let’s say you and your spouse are fortunate enough to have more jobs than kids, and you have a teenager kicking in her loot by babysitting and doing odd jobs, but you still can’t pay all the bills? Do you get to raise your debt ceiling?

How can you not pay your bills when you tax all the people, all businesses, and even tax vices?  What’s next, taxing blood and organ donations?

If you were to use a gun to do what the government does to us every day, you’d be considered the most heinous of criminals.  Instead, we call them politicians, allow them to exclude themselves from all the egregious legislation they pass for the rest of us, then treat them like rock stars.

The problem is, when rock stars can’t pay their bills, they still think and act like rock stars. Remember when Michael Jackson ran out of money? He ran over to Dubai, borrowed money from the Sultan of Dubai and defaulted.  He then planned his last mega-tour, still owing his creditors half a billion dollars, then died.

Wake up, MC Hammer! Get rid of the entourage and start shopping at Wal-Mart.

I’m shocked that our Fed has not taken lessons from the states, and set up a national lottery.  The lottery would use other people’s money to give a very small group of people a chance to be the disparaged rich.  The government gets a big cut and pays out the big winners over years, knowing most will take the upfront much smaller (after tax) amount.  Who couldn’t pay their bills with a scam like that?  Uh…the STATES?

Another possibility the Fed hasn’t embraced (yet) is to legalize prostitution. Nevada’s doing it.  Maybe the government already knows that the citizens are already prostitutes and they choose not to double-down. Hard to believe that the Democrats are not looking to reinstitute their policy of slavery, given that there is little better than profiting off the body of another.

And you know the Fed is behind the legalization of drugs, because they can then put an excise tax on it. Just look at what they earn from liquor and cigarettes! What’s one more vice going to do to America?

Back to the biggest punks in politics doing our bidding, the pansy Republicans.

Obama has all the fiscal policy knowledge of a kept woman. Our taxes are too high, and the government is a corpulent fat cat who needs to be put on the treadmill at full incline.  Yet the Republicans are considering more cap room.

Not only should we not allow tax hikes, but we should mandate deep spending cuts. No negotiation on these TWO points, as they are not mutually exclusive–a package deal.  What part of this do the Republicans not understand?

The Republicans are “negotiating” to give Obama “wiggle room,” or small iterative increases to the debt ceiling. Sounds suspiciously like status freakin’ quo! Arghhh…

If Obama wants to get tough on this issue, let him. He ain’t in Chicago anymore, Dorothy.  I’d like to see him explain all the spending he has done and his record of achieving nothing, not counting the downfall of America.

That’s my rant!

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