Are White Folks Liars

Recently, defrocked “reverend” Jeremiah Wright spoke to a black audience where he proclaimed, “Whites are liars.” Statistically, Wright is right.

To bolster his point of “white folks are liars,” Wright used the example of whites teaching that Columbus discovered America.  Lord knows that when this bit of history was being taught that black teachers were saying the same thing.  Furthermore, when anything new is taught, the people who posed the previous theories were all liars.  Da Vinci was such a liar, as was Galileo, Copernicus, Newton, Einstein, and all those other white devils.

The reason Wright has condemned the entire white race is Wright took what a few whites did to him during Obama’s campaign personally.  Apparently there were some vicious whites who took umbrage with Wright’s sermons which seemed to elevate one race over another. Wright’s defense was that his sermons were taken out of context, and that he believed in Black Liberation Theology, but not necessarily at the expense of other races. Perhaps.

Color aside, the sermons of Black Liberation Theology that were “taken out of context” certainly appeared from my vantage point to be looking for a white scapegoat. Hillary, a Democrat was the target back in 2008:

“Barack knows what it means living in a country and a culture that is controlled by rich white people. Hillary would never know that. Hillary ain’t never been called a n*gger. Hillary has never had a people defined as a non-person.”

Wright’s recent pandering to a black audience didn’t bother to mention the black liars.  Charlie Rangel lied about running tenement shacks in New York, but Wright didn’t call him a liar. Nor did Wright call Maxine Waters a liar for using taxpayer funds to enrich herself.  What about Eddie Bernice Johnson’s theft of college funds from poor black children? Wright won’t call out the NAACP for their blatant lack of leadership, and its lies within the black community, because Wright can’t stand the heat.  There is apparently no need to liberate black people from black liars.

That’s right…black people can’t be liars {wink}, because black people are not in power.

For years Wright has preached hate to the black community and the few token whites who attended his “church,” never bothering to explain that the majority of whites are good whites. The reason Wright won’t speak of good whites is that the good whites are not of his political persuasion. How hypocritical would Wright appear to his hate-filled audiences if he were to admit that white people are not all bad, especially Republican white people?

For Wright and others of that ilk, color matters. Which is why lies from black people are not real lies, and are ironically “white lies.” Black lies are never too big to reject.

You get caught smoking crack cocaine? It was the white FBI agents’ fault.  You get caught with payoff money in your freezer? It’s a white man’s fault.  You get caught with an intern in a blue dress, and it’s a vast Right-wing conspiracy!

Wright supporters and sympathizers, white guilters like Janeane Garofalo are constantly invoking the Civil Rights movement, teamed with the boogeyman—a figment Conservatives outgrow by age 8, all in an effort to continue the racism meme.

A few black dinosaurs in the Congressional Black Congress continually remind America of their marches against racism during the Civil Rights movement, invoking imagery of Dr. Martin Luther King, and the dream. All of these people know there were white Republicans—yes, today’s Republican Party— fighting for those very same rights for blacks. Were they the whites that Wright speaks of?

Wright is no different than White Nationalists who must foment hate by ignoring the good that derives from others. And he conveniently disregards the whites who suffered along with blacks in the cause of civil rights, because not doing this would ruin Wright’s money-making machine.

With the small exception of a few truly mentally deranged blacks, every black in the audiences to whom Wright panders knows that white people are not the reason for black people’s problem. Black people are.

Here’s the wrap:

Whites are liars. And so are blacks, Mexicans, Europeans, and the worst liars are those attempting to profit from their lies, like Jeremiah Wright.  I believe God has a special place in hell for these people.

The real crime is that black audiences having to listen to charlatans like Wright, his speech likely funded through an organization tied to ACORN with taxpayer money. Don’t expect that audience to ever hear the other side of that argument. This is because white people are just out to get Wright.

Has anybody even noticed that Wright is a very light-skinned man, likely with more white than black blood? How’s that for irony; Wright is out to get himself!

That’s my rant!

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