The Blame Game

The Blame Game, by Kevin Jackson

I enjoy watching white Democrats play the blame game by ignoring their ignoble past, choosing to chalk slavery and oppression of blacks up to frat boy shenanigans.  “That lynching and KKK stuff…we was just foolin’ about!”

We are all aware by now that ALL the racist Democrats moved to the Republican Party, which is why there were no Democrats left in history. Remember when the one party system ruled America?  Didn’t think so.

Black Democrats play the blame game best, however.  Ask yourself just how bad Maxine Waters, Charlie Rangel, Sheila Jackson Lee…ok, all of the Congressional Black Caucus have been treated by mean-spirited America.  Most live like rock stars. Fat salaries, limos, and lots of black people to bilk. If you are a member of the Congressional Black Caucus and you are not a millionaire, you are simply too new to your job.

The reason these poverty pimps are able to get away with this is because they ignore their history or at least the history of their forefathers or they don’t claim a history.  What nice devices to implement, when you wish to accuse everybody else of the heinous nature of their history or the history of their forefathers.

In order to feel the wrath of the race baiters, you need not to have participated in racism.  Nor do they need to prove that your forefathers were evil. If you’re not from Africa or a Third-World nation, then by default you are guilty.

Despite the fact that no group is perfect in its record on atrocities, there is no escape from condemnation from Democrats, particularly black Democrats.  Every country, every ethnicity has committed atrocities on some other country or ethnicity, including blacks. However, the good thing about not recognizing the past and the past of your forefathers is you get to act as if your record is squeaky clean. Do you really believe that black people’s ancestors have not committed these very same atrocities of which they accuse non-blacks?

Africans owned and sold slaves to other African tribes. There.  The black Democrats doing all the belly-aching, the ones who want to be called African-Americans can’t tell you what tribe in Africa they are from, nor do they want to know.  Because to know this would mean they might have to face up to their pasts.

They might have to admit to being from a group of conquering Africans, whose families owned and sold slaves. Further, the conquering Africans stole land from the vanquished.  Do I even need to spell it out for you that black people owe other black people REPARATIONS!

This is part of the reason why black Democrat leaders are not burning up the genealogy hotlines to find out what part of Africa from which they hail.  Given all of Africa’s majesty, the life-giving Nile, the Sahara desert, and all that the continent has to offer, you’d think that black Liberals would have more pride in their African heritage. The truth is far from this, however.  Who wants to open that can of worms? To actually have to confront all the unknown history, thereby knowing himself as whites know themselves?

History hurts, but history can teach as well. There is a reason doctors ask you about your parents, when you have a health issue. They need to properly diagnose a potential illness. In the case of black Liberals, they don’t want to know who they are, because they would have a past to which to account.

Black Liberals detest the white man, because it sells.  Black Liberals certainly detest black Conservative Americans, because we are a threat. But the secret is black Liberals detest their own.

There is no need to look for the boogeyman in the black community. He’s easy to spot, and always a black Liberal. Whether it’s the thug who robs from black people in the neighborhood, or assaults a young woman, the nameless faceless attacker is black.  The person who steals the car from a black person in a black neighborhood has a 99% chance of being a black Liberal.

The person who is likely to steal the most from black neighborhoods is 99% likely to be the neighborhood’s black leaders. People like Maxine Waters, Eddie Bernice Johnson, Charlie Rangel, and others in the CBC enrich themselves and other family members at the expense of the people they purport to support, yet they are quick to go back to the idea of slavery and talk reparations.

Billions of dollars have been spent in black communities over the past decades, and those neighborhoods remain the least safe in the country. How far back in the past do black people want to go to find blame? How far do blacks need to go back to find blame?

The CBC doesn’t want their constituents to think beyond yesterday. Remember? The day that the CBC blamed some white man or group for what is happening in black America. It’s nice to not have to recognize a past or the past of one’s forefathers. It certainly makes it easier to find a scapegoat. That’s how you play the blame game.

That’s my rant!

© 2011 Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere, LLC – All rights reserved.

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