The Ruse of American “Secrets”

Why wouldn’t Pakistan let China see our secret chopper? Read America’s “Debtor Agreement” with China:

“Creditor has the right to inspect any and all dwellings, people, and super secret military gadgets in order to secure its debts.”

China’s ability to look at our secrets is not even buried in the fine print, because the Communists have become emboldened.  I’m not talking about the Chinese, Silly; I’m talking about America’s Communists, who presently occupy about half of government.

Our politicians feign outrage at the thought of China looking at our super secret helicopter and at Pakistan allowing same.  However they are not outraged in the least.  China can do whatever it wants. Don’t be surprised to hear that China has loaned us more money that we can promptly “invest” back into the Chinese economy.

There are few American secrets anymore. To think that America can keep anything secret these days is naïve.  The Left have infiltrated all levels of our government.  We have Communists, Jihadists, and “anti-warist” hiding in full view. And what may be presented as “secret,” is just a cover.  China knows it all, and what they may not know, they will hack to discover.

Consider all the internet attacks that have occurred in our government agencies, all denied by the Chinese. This CNN report says that the government “inadvertently aided” the Chinese, and here’s how:

In order to comply with government search warrants on user data, Google created a backdoor access system into Gmail accounts. This feature is what the Chinese hackers exploited to gain access.

How do you say “Google” in Mandarin?

For all we know, Google is working with China to provide inside access to America’s secrets. How would we know? Google is better protected than the NSA. In order for Google to survive, Americans must continue to buy computers and smart-phones, thus maintaining internet access.

Whatever the Chinese can’t steal is readily available for sale. Remember when Bill Clinton needed some coinage for his campaign? He promptly sold America’s missile technology to the Chi-coms for some campaign contributions. For one million dollars!

Clinton said at the time that the contribution had nothing to do with the sale of our super secret satellite technology, that he renamed “munitions,” which as this report by the NY Times suggests is the reason the sale went through.

This is what politicians do. They sell the American public for pennies on the dollar.

You should also know that the anti-war crowd doesn’t just protest at rallies, stinking up the place with their funky armpits as they hold signs overhead; they are much more active than that.

The anti-protect-America crowd actually makes sure that any new military technology gets into the hands of our enemies. This is what happened when America developed the nuclear bomb.

Liberal Lefties felt the nuclear bomb was too much power for one nation to possess, and thus gave the secrets to the Soviets. When the Soviets hit hard times, they simply began selling technology secrets stolen from Americans. And the cycle of life continues.

Pakistan allowed the Chinese study our super secret helicopter, because that’s what third-world nations who get billions of American taxpayer dollars do to augment their incomes. This was an opportunity for Pakistan, a second job so to speak. Pakistan hit “the numbers,” found a wallet, got an inheritance. However you describe Pakistan’s new financial bonanza, it would be crazy for Pakistan not to take advantage of it in today’s world.

All the media report that, “Pakistan may…”; no, Pakistan DID! The U.S. knows what Pakistan has done, without a doubt. They tell us “may,” because they don’t want to condemn Pakistan…innocent until proven guilty and all. Forget all the Chinese that suddenly needed entry into Pakistan; that was for “tourism.” Our spy satellites know every Long, Duk, and Dong who visited Pakistan over the past month, and there were plenty, don’t be fooled.

Don’t expect the Lefties running the country to stop funding Pakistan. There will be grandstanding, and so on, but no penalty. Don’t expect the Lefties to stop trying to borrow from the Chinese. Don’t expect Obama to do the one thing that he is supposed to do, which is to protect American citizens from enemies foreign and domestic. There are no secrets when the enemy is you.

That’s my rant!

© 2011 Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere, LLC – All Rights Reserved

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