If Only Obama Were White

If Only Obama Were White, by Kevin Jackson

Emanuel Cleaver (D-MO) admits to being a sellout. Cleaver told The Hill:

“If Obama wasn’t president, we would be marching on the White House.”

Cleaver and other members of the CBC won’t march on the White House with a black president. This is what’s bad about being a racist is you can only react when you know the color(s) of the people involved. White president; march. Black president; don’t march.

Cleaver further confessed:

“There is a less-volatile reaction in the CBC because nobody wants to do anything that would empower the people who hate the president.”

In other words, though Cleaver agrees with those he says “hate the president,” he still won’t march on the president, because the president is black.  Cleaver should have the guts to finish his sentence and tell the truth:  Nobody wants to do anything that would empower the people who hate the president’s policies!

Cleaver knows that Obama’s policies are failures.  And when policies fail in the ‘white’ world, those failures are magnified geometrically in the communities where the CBC holds dominion.

But Obama is not the only failure. The CBC looms large as failures for the black community, and the community at large. Their cozy relationship with liberalism, albeit socialism is the reason blacks suffer in greater proportion than all other cultures. These black frauds have controlled black people for decades, and used white people as scapegoats for years.

The outcome is black Liberals are their own worst enemy when it comes to getting jobs. Employers don’t want the headache of hiring black Liberals. The first thing black Liberals want on the job is special treatment. Once hired, they immediately have a problem with the “Employee Handbook” that they happily sign in order to get the job. The dress code is racist or they have a problem with the policy of showing up.

What you mean I can’t wear this, and I need to be here every day. And why I got to be on time. I have kids, and I can’t always do like them white folks who got nannies and sh*t What you mean, I can’t cuss.”

It’s because you were hired to be OUR RECEPTIONIST, you ignorant skank!

Black Liberals read the “Diversity Handbook” from cover to cover not thankful to the company for hiring them for their diverse point of view; black Liberals read the Diversity Handbook to look for lawsuit angles. They join the company’s racist black organization, organizations that have one purpose—report anything that appears racist, like use of the term “niggardly,” or other nonsense.

Forget doing your job and being excellent at it, for the real goal is to find a loophole to get a  brotha or sista paid. It’s just a matter of time before a black Liberal will create a lawsuit out of nothing.

In short, black Liberals are horrible workers. They under-perform then use the race card, daring employers to fire them.  A secret in the black community is black employers don’t even want to hire black Liberals. Black Liberals are like this because they have been taught to be like this by their Liberal black leaders, who encourage such behavior.

Where are the white antagonists when the CBC needs them?  Obama is only half-white, and worse yet deemed “authentically black” by the CBC and black America, so they can’t criticize him for the lack of jobs. What the CBC wouldn’t do for a white president now. They would even settle for a white Democrat president, if that will keep the spotlight off the CBC.

The CBC has an aggressive agenda, and that is to use racism and classism to pander to their constituents, promising everything and deliver nothing to blacks, certainly not jobs. They tried to blame the Tea Party, as if the Tea Party is stopping black people from getting jobs. Too bad the Republicans only controlled the House, or the CBC could have blamed them. Thankfully for the CBC in 2012 they will likely get their wish for a totally Republican-controlled government, then the racism cycle of life will begin anew.

What black Liberals voters should be asking of the Congressional Black Caucus is what white people are buying out their black sellouts? The CBC is getting what amounts to bead for the natives to sell black people down the river election cycle after election cycle. A few dollars for a husband’s bank, a little help avoiding taxes on a few tenements in NY, or theft of black kids’ college funds shouldn’t be enough to keep black people in bondage.

At least the CBC is selling black people out for a good reason this time. It’s because the do-nothing president is black.

That’s my rant!

© Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere, LLC – All Rights Reserved

Kevin Jackson is national spokesperson for the NAACPC, a national speaker, and best-selling author.

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