It’s all about JOBS

It’s all about JOBS! By Kevin Jackson

Obama’s jobs speech this Thursday is about as necessary as bathing a fish.  And Obama’s strategy is as vainly hopeful as a struggling spiritualist dropping his business card in a passing coffin. Contact me!

Obama has a strategy, just not a jobs strategy.  It’s a blame strategy. Along with the union leadership and the Congressional Black Caucus, Obama’s strategy is to do anything to survive politically.

In case you missed it at Obama’s union rally, the Left’s strategy is to demonize the Tea Party.  The union leadership kills jobs, and the only thing that saves them is Big Government.

The CBC “tour” was supposedly to discuss jobs; yet we have heard nothing about jobs workshops on things such as resume writing, job interviewing etiquette, internships, entrepreneurships, and so on. This is because the black Left “leadership” has their jobs, and they needed none of those skills to get their gigs. They don’t want to teach black people how to get hired, because that would defeat the purpose of Big Government.

Obama could have passed blame to the unions at his recent meeting, and at the very least reprimanded Hoffa for his threat to the Tea Party. Obama could have told the unions that their outrageous demands have hurt industry in America, and that the American taxpayer has no responsibility to bail their lazy butts out.  He didn’t.

Obama could have reminded the CBC that most of them have been slavemasters over black Liberals for decades, then asked how much responsibility do they wish to carry for what’s happening in the black community? He didn’t

What Obama and the Left needed was a “cover your butt” strategy that would have them avoid eating their own.  Enter the Tea Party.

In 2008 the Congressional Racist Caucus and the white guilters got what they wanted:  A black president and control of Congress; they had it all. They thought America was ready for complete socialism, but the Tea Party interrupted the spending orgy.

Beware the Tea Party” was the easy applause line for Jesse Jackson when speaking recently to a black Liberal audience.  Jackson asked the audience members to stand if they had a family member in jail, a home in foreclosure, credit card debt. The entire crowd stood. As if the rest of America would not have been able to stand up?

What did this have to do about jobs? Nothing. That wasn’t the point Jackson was trying to make.

Jackson went on to say that the Tea Party is not the Boston Tea Party, but the “Fort Sumter Tea Party that sought to maintain states’ rights and slavery,” a sentiment echoed by Congressman Jackson (Junior), proving that the ACORN doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Jackson’s point? States’ rights equals slavery equals prison equals credit card debt, add two, multiply by three and carry the eight, plus home foreclosure equals…the Tea Party! Jobs you see. That’s what they are all about.

Andre Carson was all too ready to blame the Tea Party for the second-class citizen status of blacks. According to Carson, black people can’t do anything in this country by themselves, and it’s the Tea Party’s fault.

Black people “needs gubment!” {Memo to Carson: See “Oprah, Jay-Z, Tiger, Michael Jordan, Kobe, Shaq, and the five million other black millionaires in America.”}

The Tea Party wants smaller government, which according to the CBC, “government” is the new code for the “N-word.”  The Tea Party wants smaller government, ergo “smaller Negroes?”

And there are more code words.  The CBC says that the Tea Party uses phrases like “government accountability,” and “constitutionality” as a ploy to get black people back into slavery or better yet, “hanging on trees.”

That Tea Party is sneaky; draping pro-citizen, pro-American propaganda to further its nefarious deeds, all to re-enslave black people. The Tea Party pretends to fight for the rights of all citizens in order to disguise their real motive of keeping black people down. GENIUS!

Those mean-spirited Tea Partiers imagine an America where the budget is balanced, and the nation has paid off its debt. If unemployment dropped to 3.5%, black Liberals would be forced off welfare and to become self-sufficient. God-forbid an America where black Liberals might actually become good parents and raise their kids. The horror!

Black Liberals believe that government will keep them from slavery, not knowing that government has already re-enslaved them. They are already “hanging on trees.” The irony is it’s the very groups that black Liberals support—the unions and the CBC—who have strung them up.

The moment all the racist and incendiary rhetoric was uttered, Obama should have stepped up and condemned the CBC and Hoffa for their actions. He didn’t. Obama likes that his goons have found what he believes is a common enemy. It won’t work.

Neither the CBC, Obama, nor Hoffa has a clue how to create jobs. They are pretty good however at saving jobs:  Their own.

That’s my rant!

© 2011 – Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere, LLC – All Rights Reserved

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