Obama’s Jobs Ponzi Scheme

Obama’s Jobs Ponzi Scheme, by Kevin Jackson

Obama reminded us that he is the exquisite showman minus the show. There was nothing new in his “I can’t create jobs” campaign speech.  If you were unfortunate enough to have to watch it as I was, you were treated to his change from the mantra of, “I inherited this mess,” to “Who can I now blame for this mess?”

A skipping record, stuck in the groove, Obama has surrounded himself with incompetents that explain, “If at first you don’t succeed, ask for advice from those around you who can’t succeed either.”

The Ponzi scheme disguised as a “jobs plan caused Obama to cut his vacation half a day short in order to get right on ‘that jobs thing.’ You could drive a tanker through his arguments without coming anywhere close to anything sane.

TAX THE RICH!  “Raise capital gains,” not that anybody is actually experiencing any gains. Obama’s policies attack everybody.

The housing market has lost over $6T, the stock market is a travesty, almost appearing to toy with Obama, falling precipitously after every Obama public speaking appearance.

Every time Obama’s back is against the wall, he tries to come off tough. I imagine the pep talk went something like this:

Remember, you were elected because you’re black, not because you were competent. You may not be competent but you’re still black; act like it!”

The hardcore Liberals will say that Obama knocked it out of the park. Another good speech.  Those Leftist racists believing that a black man’s ability to turn a phrase is so novel. Nice job, Barack!

Apparently we only got half of the speech. The second half of the speech supposedly contains the actual meat of Obama’s programs, but that part of the speech is on layaway.  It seems America couldn’t afford to hear both parts of the speech together, thus the installment plan.

The speech may be on layaway, but Obama says that his job-creating ideas of which we will be blessed to hear soon are funded. The new round of blood-letting will cost the taxpayers around $500B, which in government-speak means $1T+. We can spend our way into more jobs.

Obama has yet again grabbed America by the wallet and said, “Cough.”

Just like he promised when he was running for office, Obama will create more jobs. Just not in America.

As a short reminder, Obama campaigned initially that he would create 1M new jobs. That morphed to 2.5M jobs when Obama added “or saved.”

Next, Obama reminded himself that he could use any number he wanted, and thus proclaimed that he would add 3M new jobs.

Finally, when reminded that he got elected during the time of the census, Obama promptly added another million jobs, saying he would create a whopping 4.1M jobs, though 1.1M of them would be temporary.

I really shouldn’t need to tell you that Obama has created NO jobs. In fact, since he doubled-down on this mess he inherited, Obama has lost 2.5M jobs.  Obama’s jobs performance is so dismal in fact that he and the Liberals have sunk to the low of trying to convince America that being unemployed is actually good for the economy.

For Liberals unemployment money is magic money, like Jack’s beans.  Obama and his cadre Liberal economic geniuses say that $1 of magic unemployment money returns $1.85 for every dollar spent. With that return, it’s no wonder Obama is causing massive job losses. It’s for the good of the country!

I’m not Harvard elitist, but I have a counter theory.  When people work, they get BIGGER checks, and thus spend BIGGER amounts of money. My plan may not have an 85% ROI, but it’s has worked.

Obama is a blind-folded man riding a unicycle on the rim of an active volcano wondering where the heat is coming from. It’s far past time for Obama must come to grips with the consequences of his fallacies.

For the first time in Obama’s adult life, he has created a traceable record. There is truly nowhere to run to, nowhere to hide from the horrendous results of the Obama administration. Giving more empty speeches and talking tough are no substitute for positive gains, particularly after the trillions of dollars Obama has confiscated in his spending orgy.

Obama’s base is abandoning him like a black man’s chaperone at a klan rally, because his policies don’t work. Socialism doesn’t work.

Truth be told, Obama doesn’t want jobs; he wants union jobs. That’s the problem Obama has with the Tea Party. Shrinking government means shrinking union jobs, and creating private sector jobs. Private sector jobs are 93% non-union.

Obama claims he’s willing to listen to other ideas, yet he rejects ideas to allow more domestic drilling and the creation of 1M jobs. He ignores CEOs’ calls for tax amnesty for money trapped offshore, which could create up to 2M jobs. As Obama says, “I am open to all ideas, uh, that I can think of.”

Give a man a fish, he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish and you miss an opportunity to starve a man of a fish. – B. Obama (by way of Kevin Jackson)

That’s my rant!

Kevin Jackson is author of the Amazon best-seller The BIG Black Lie, and The Black Sphere blog.

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