Post-Racial Echo Chamber of Ignorance

The Post-Racial Echo Chamber of Ignorance, by Kevin Jackson

Welcome to the echo chamber of ignorance of the Left’s post-racial America. Black Liberals thought that electing a black president would make them happier than a Michael Vick pound pup, but instead most are now madder than Whoopi Goldberg’s blind date.

In an America where black achievement can be seen and heard everywhere, Andre Carson and other members of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) are crying foul, saying that the Tea Party wants to take America back to the ‘60’s. Don’t believe your lying eyes showcasing black achievement all over America, because black people are being oppressed.  By the Tea Party who wants black people “hanging from trees.”

Yes, the three-year old Tea Party movement is responsible for the decades of degradation within the black community, according to Carson and other members of the CBC.

Who knew it was the Tea Party doing all those drive-bys in black neighborhoods, and robbing black folks. Here I thought it was black thugs and gang members.

Who knew it was the evil Tea Party who foreclosed on black homeowners, or that the Tea Party set up all those substandard government schools in black neighborhoods.

Apparently America’s police are loaded with Tea Party members, and the cops are out to get black people.  Prior to the Tea Party, there we NO black people in prison.  Over the last three years, the Tea Party cops have begun rounding up black people and wrongfully incarcerating them.

Worse yet, while in prison, black people are being forced to listen to Bluegrass music and watch reruns of The Dukes of Hazard…with Daisy Duke edited out!

Sure, the new America is like the ‘60’s, only this time it’s black people intimidating white folks. The New Black Panthers are threatening to kill white babies and suppressing the Republican vote.  Civil unrest is all over America with black flash mobs.  Black people doing meet-ups to give beat ups.

Black mobs in Green Bay WI?! How many black folks do they have there anyway?  20, not including the players for the Packers?  Did ACORN have to bus these black folks in?  Whites outnumber blacks in Green Bay about 100 to 1, yet those white people were willing to take a butt kicking while leaving the fair in order to avoid being called racists.

And black flash mobs are happening all over the country, like in Peoria, IL where cops told residents to “stay in your homes,” to avoid the mobs.  Seriously? That’s the solution. In America?

Black people in America are being told that they are owed something. Flash mobs are robbing stores, stealing, like a swarm of locusts, and little is happening to stop them.

White people are too afraid to fight back, because they don’t want to risk being called racists.  Can you imagine an America where you’d rather take an butt kicking than be called a racist? We’re there.  To quote Visa:  PRICELESS!

The CBC is the newest flash mob, running around the country fomenting racial hatred. That’s what Democrats do. Andre Carson and others of the CBC are only doing what good Democrats do when their backs are against the wall: Intimidate.

When Obama loses the next election, you are getting a look at what America will look like for some time. Black flash mobs will roam the cities saying that the Republicans ripped them off.  Black Liberals will have the built-in excuse that “The Tea Party didn’t want the black president to succeed…and chickens coming home to roost,” both favorite mantras of the great black Left.

Obama’s loss in 2012 will be the political equivalent of the OJ verdict, giving black Liberals an excuse to continue to be victims. “We have our chance, but the white man wouldn’t let the black president succeed.”

Welcome to Black Liberal Democrat Progressive Regressive University where Victimization 101 is a required course.

If America were honest, they would state openly that it is the CBC who should be publicly flogged for their representation of black America. The CBC is touring the oppressed areas that they serve to discuss one thing:  Black victimization.

Black Liberal leaders preach how weak black America is. Without government, black people are nothing.  When is the last time you’ve heard a black Liberal leader talk empowerment of the black community, and not lace their speech with the “blame whitey” meme?

Only the Right is post-racial in America. The Left is a hateful bunch who loves to use racism to keep people thinking inside the box they’ve been put in. Whether 8 to 80, blind, cripple or crazy, the Left has your box.

The CBC invests heavily in the “idea” of a racist America, because that’s their meal ticket. They love to invoke imagery of lynching and Jim Crow, all legacy Democrat badges of honor.  But don’t let black Liberals know they are supporting the Democrats’ heinous past or black Liberals could leave the CBC’s echo chamber of ignorance.

That’s my rant!

© 2011 Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere, LLC – All Rights Reserved.

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