OWS – Seinfeld of the Civil Rights Movement

OWS: Seinfeld of the Civil Rights Movement
, by Kevin Jackson

The OWS movement will do anything to survive, including marketing a civil disorder funkfest as a civil rights movement.

In the dedication of the Martin Luther King statue, Obama had the nerve to invoke of Dr. King’s idea of the “creative tension of nonviolent protests.” Nonviolent protests? Does Obama watch the news, or does he just think he is the news?

Obama goes on:

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If he [King] were alive today, I believe he would remind us that the unemployed worker can rightly challenge the excesses of Wall Street without demonizing all who work there…”

Every time Obama invokes the legacy of Dr. King he should be slapped so hard, he’d starve to death before he quits sliding.

America finds itself in a Bizarro World episode of the Civil Rights movement, where OWS who has no valid reason to march, blames the wrong antagonist.  Instead of blaming the oppressive rich white citizen,[1] America needs to be freed from an oppressive black interloper.

But OWS didn’t stop with Obama’s theme of civil rights.  Shepard Fairey got the memo when he created the flyer to advertise OWS’ Funk-a-Palooza.  Fairey created a circa ‘60’s silhouette of a black chick who looks remarkably like ‘60’s radical, Angela Davis.

Head askew, sporting the big ‘fro, “Davis” stares confidently into the horizon, as if it is waiting for God Himself to deliver hope and change. Democrats looking, hoping for the same outcome of the Republican-sponsored, 1960’s precursor to the Tea Party, the Civil Rights movement that led to a half-black president sitting in the oval office.[2]

Why not use the ‘60s imagery of the Civil Rights movement in hopes of stirring the souls of black people and anti-establishment America?  With Leftist logic, hating America is the American Way, as is using the people you oppress to continue their own oppression.

Black folks summoned to a cause they really do not support. First the Left takes away their jobs, then provides temporary jobs to insure blacks won’t have permanent jobs.  Ahhh, the Liberal “circle of victimization” is complete.

As Rick Armstrong of Space Coast 912/Tea Party writes of the mixed messages:

The signs seemed at times to be a cross purposes. One would call for an end to capitalism and another would say we need jobs. Don’t they realize that it is capitalism that CREATES jobs? Another sign complained about the Republicans refusal to pass the stimulus bill, which was countered by “No More Corporate Welfare.” Well, isn’t stimulus money just a little like corporate welfare?

There are more contradictions, when you consider that this movement is backed by big money from rich white oppressive industrialist George Soros, the unions, and racist Democrats, three things completely at odd to the  Civil Rights movement.

Black people have been taught to hate rich white guys like Soros, and in Soros’ case, rightfully so. I know I hate Soros’ stomach for carrying his guts. Nobody uses blacks for his nefarious deeds than Soros. He trades black ignorance like stock options on Wall Street.

The unions are no different, as their history with blacks is just as devious. The unions tried mightily to prevent blacks from working, until they found out that they could use blacks. Toe the line, and the union supports you. Don’t, and the union leadership will show your black behind that you can’t marry a Kennedy.

Finally, those racist Democrats have a history of destruction of blacks that is unrivaled in any civilized country. Democrats oppressed blacks for almost 100 years,[3] blaming Republicans.  Democrats finally decided it was cheaper to just buy black people into submission.

How insulting for those racist Occupants, the 99%ers to believe that black people don’t fit within the 1%. There are plenty of black millionaires who are firmly entrenched with Wall Street, and the majority of blacks wish they had the problem of being in the 1%. I wish that all the people who support OWS would lose their Wall Street related wealth, and then see who attends these rallies.

As the saying goes, “If you don’t use your head, you might as well have two butts!”

By now most people realize that OWS is contrived. These hippies will go anywhere they can score a little X, and where nobody will complain about their lack of hygiene, decorum, or intellect. Where better than America’s armpits known as big cities.

Why not challenge the excesses of Obama, whose spending makes Wall Street look like Skid Row?  I guess it is Wall Street excesses that created the high unemployment rate?

Without making OWS a civil rights issue, the movement would have to stand on its own.  That would make it Seinfeld:  A show about nothing.

That’s my rant!

© Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere, LLC – All Rights Reserved

[1] George Soros comes to mind

[2] If Republicans had only known that their efforts would ultimate elect Obama, perhaps they would have delayed the movement; but I digress.

[3] Still do, but just got smarter and better at it.

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