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Liberalism meets reality TV

Bait Car is a reality TV show that has managed to capture my imagination, as it showcases life in the Liberals’ Utopia.

In the show a plainclothes cop driving the bait car abruptly abandons the vehicle usually in a high crime area. He creates a scene which draws attention to the car, and sets up one of those “if it’s too good to be true, it usually is” scenarios that stupid people fall for religiously.

You witness all the people in the area around the bait car in panoramic view; like studying animals in the wild. As you watch, part of the fun becomes guessing, “Which of these knuckleheads will take the bait?”

Some people just walk away, themselves wondering will get popped?  Others seem to try to work up the courage to steal the car.  Eventually one brave soul is willing to do the dirty work, and that person becomes the unpaid actor in that particular episode.

The car is wired for sound and has a hidden camera inside that captures everything. The cops hear every word, and see everything for the most part.  There is something disturbing about watching hoodlums rummage through a car, stealing things like small change, GPS systems, trying to find the trunk latch. You feel the inhumanity of theft, taking something for nothing, while witnessing the ease at which the criminal element acts.

Bait Car is a show where you know the outcome. The criminal will get caught. Part of you wants to feel sad for the perp, obviously warped enough to believe that they should just take something that is not theirs.  The sensible side of you is happy that you know he or she will be caught, yet at times you feel conflicted.  “Aren’t I supposed to root for the underdog?”

I watched an episode where a guy who had been to jail 17 times took an hour and a half to decide if he was going to steal the bait car. You witnessed his inner struggle with demons as he vacillated back and forth, trying to decide what to do.  He walked up to and away from that car about a dozen times, the bait car recording the audio of his fight with self each time he got within range. I found myself hoping he would do the right thing.

Suddenly night fell, and the demons overtook him; he stole the car and got popped. man’s values will win over. When they cut to the shot of him in the cop car headed to jail, the look in his eyes said, “I was a split second from making the right decision, but now I’m right back where I started.”

Turns out he had just gotten out of prison, and was happy to rejoin his family. He had hoped it would be longer.

In another episode after the setup, two guys jumped immediately into the bait car, and the driver looked to Heaven and  thanked God for his bounty.  He then demanded that his passenger do the same.

As they took off in the bait car, the driver reiterated that it was nice of God to put this opportunity in his lap.  Like he had gotten a great job or something or he had won the lottery.

When he and his friend were caught, the car’s audio got the driver saying, “Oh Lord, they got us!”

At least he’s consistent in his religion.

In another example, two perps steal the bait car, and the passenger says, “Lord I hope this ain’t one of them bait cars.”  It was. Bam! Two more knuckleheads off the streets.

The camera captures the takedowns, and you get to see the raw reactions when the criminal knows it over.  One guy swallowed crack rocks, then put the medicine vial that had contained the drugs between his butt cheeks.  Another perp said on undercover camera that he had weed on him. They found it in the car where he stashed it, thanks to his admission and the camera.

What’s cool about this show is the camera is the producer. The camera sits quietly hidden in the back, as the criminals do what they do for real.  The camera scripts nothing. There is nobody there to break into the action to ask the perp to say this or do this as it would make better TV.

Bait Car is not just reality TV, Bait Car is reality…and it’s not just about cars.  Bait car proves with each episode how bad Liberalism has failed, that the world is not the Utopian society that Liberals would have you believe.

© 2011 Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere, LLC – All Rights Reserved

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