When Liberals Ruled America

We no longer have to guess what would happen if America were run by Liberals.  Obama got elected and the Democrats controlled both houses of Congress, then shortly thereafter America revealed the stretch marks on her newly sullied underbelly, a product of birthing the Occupants.

The Occupy movement was to be Liberal’s manifest destiny.  Occupy was supposed to catch on and become the next battle cry for a Progressive Liberal Utopian (PLUtopian) revolution, yet it’s far from it.

The Occupy movement reminds me of why it’s totally unnecessary to bathe a dog.  The first opportunity the dog gets, it’s just going to go outside to roll around in the dirt again.

Here’s a quick recap of the Occupy:

First there were thefts of Occupants by Occupants. Then there were sexual assaults. Many Occupants used these gatherings to buy and sell drugs.—nothing like drug-crazed zombies roaming the streets to define your movement.

After all the eating and partying, eventually nature called, and some Occupants “paid their water bills”[1] in the park skipping the porta-potties.  If that wasn’t enough, one Occupant pinched a loaf on the flag and another defecated a police cruiser.  Occupants’ sexual activities created a run on free clinics for STD testing, and much of what the Occupants have done has created a public health issue, including an outbreak of tuberculosis in Atlanta.

Adding to this impressive resume of accomplishments, the Occupants assaulted cops, which in some cases are the very same cops asked by the Occupants to roust the homeless who wished to join the “cause.” Apparently the Occupy became a “members only” club, and the homeless were not on the list. We have a dress code, you deadbeats!

It’s easy to see why Democrats from the top down supported this movement. Obama praised the Occupants’ courage for marching against the excesses of Wall Street, and Pelosi all but organized a prayer vigil.  But hold on Hank Johnson, as Guam may have finally tipped over—Democrats may be regaining their sanity in all this.

Democrats will allow Occupants to steal, molest, pillage, harass cops, disrupt business, and reject the homeless, but they draw the line at their voters killing each other.[2] So with the recent public safety issues, it is said that the Democrats are distancing themselves from the Occupants.

As reported in the LA Times, “Democrats embrace Occupy themes, but not movement itself.”  That’s like a man who enjoys embracing other men’s genitalia, but claiming he’s not gay.

The Democrats have a long-range problem with OWS, and it’s not just the facts that the Democrats created the banking problem, or that their ideas haven’t created a single job.  The Democrats’ bigger problem is in order to distance themselves from the Occupy movement, they will need to take Little Johnny Protestor out of the will.

Democrats spawned the movement and are the reason for this movement, ergo Democrats are the movement.  The PLUtonian machine’s nuclear irradiated lab rats designed to target Conservatives and Republicans have turned on their creators.  To paraphrase famous Democrat “reverend” Jeremiah Wright, “Their chickens have come home to roost and their laying cracked eggs in the form of the Occupants.”

The free-love-no-accountability generation of the ‘60s has managed to take over major institutions of society and brainwash their progeny to believe in Utopia at somebody else’s expense.  Their kids have never faced difficulty and are likely the most self-indulgent generation in American history.

There have been wars during their time, but these wars are surgical in comparison to past wars and conflicts. More military men and women were lost in one day on D-Day, than had been lost in Iraq or Afghanistan in years of fighting.  War for Gen-X and Y is practically a video game, and if a war lasts longer than a Super Bowl halftime, they want out.

This generation of kids could care less about ethics and morality or performing hard work to get their reward. I watched an episode of Bait Car, a show where the police set up a car rigged with cameras in high crime areas in order to catch car thieves willing to steal the car.  In the episode I watched, two “hard working” PLUtonians take the bait and steal the bait car.  As they drive the car away, the driver immediately looks to Heaven to thank God for the “gift,” and cautions the passenger that he needed to to do the same, so that God would look favorably on their new bounty.  These two stooges actually make the sign of the cross, as if God would condone their crime. This is the relative morality and warped sense of judgment that guides the Left.

The Occupants and their ilk are a creation of the Left, as they represent mainly lazy, impatient clones of the Woodstock Era—the hook-up generation where everything is easy, from sex to getting something for nothing.  America bathed our dogs and we are now watching them wallow in their own filth.

© 2011 Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere, LLC – All Rights Reserved

[1] Peed

[2] It is more difficult for Democrats to get dead voters to the polls, though it has been done

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