Cain Brings Back Good Ol’ Days for Dems

Cain Brings Back the Good Ol’ Days for Democrats, by Kevin Jackson

You won’t hear any report of this, but Democrats partied like rock stars on Saturday night, December 3, 2011. Behind closed doors all over the country, Democrats celebrated December 3, 2011 like it was the election of Barack Hussein Obama all over again. It was not the ascension of a half-black man that was the cause of Democrat’s exuberance, but instead was the demise of a full black man.

For Democrats all is good in the world, as the Republican Party is ALL white again.

Just in the nick of time, too.  There are Democrat strategists high-fiving each other, saying “Whew, that was CLOSE!”

They’re right. Cain almost got away. The black Conservative who escaped beyond the plantation’s alligator-infested boundary to spread his message of American exceptionalism across the countryside had to be stopped.  Had Cain not been stopped, he might have infected other blacks with that crazy talk. Imagine a world where black zombies were muttering 9-9-9 all the time.

Luckily Democrats were able to do what they always do when a black man not of their choosing aims too high.  Democrats turned on the water cannons and unleashed the dogs. Female dogs. I believe the technical term is bitches.

No need to rehash how Democrats used white women and ultimately a white woman named White to bring down the accomplished black man with the biblical name. What’s important to know is that they accomplished it. Democrats are just repeating history, again openly oppressing blacks as Democrats did back in the day.

I say openly, because new millennium Democrats have evolved their oppression of blacks.  They are clever in that they now oppress blacks without making it appear that they are oppressing blacks, then blame Republicans. Genius, when you think about it.

Nevertheless, Democrat tactics remain the same.  Make examples of a few uppity blacks, which serves to keep other blacks in check.  It doesn’t take many lynchings to make a point.

Back in the day, all it took for a black man to be hung by deranged Democrats was for the black man to simply look at a white woman.  Black men were to walk with their heads down when approaching a white woman, and don’t dare speak to one.

The Democrats didn’t have to kill Cain. They could have just knocked him off his high horse, as they did with the first few white women.  His numbers had slipped enough, his reputation sullied so that he stood little chance of being the first full black president.  Instead however the Democrats knew it was necessary to destroy Cain, to kill his dreams and aspirations.

Democrats have been killing black people’s dreams for decades, including the most iconic dream of Dr. Martin Luther King.  King’s dream of being measured by the content of one’s character is as dead as disco.  It’s about color, stupid…period.   You’re black, ergo you’re a victim. Anybody trying to tell you otherwise, well is being uppity.

To paraphrase LBJ, Democrats realized that “Cain is getting uppity these days and that‘s a problem for us since he’s got something now he never had before, the political pull to back up his uppityness.” Damn that meddling Tea Party!

How dare that Cain want to be president? Who does this Negro think he is…a DEMOCRAT STOOGE?

Democrat’s hand-select their black presidents.  Democrat blacks must pass color and articulation tests. More importantly any potential black presidential candidate must be radical, socialist, baked in Affirmative Action and able to control black people; like the Congressional Black Caucus who holds dominion over blacks in black neighborhoods.  The minute Democrat black politicians begin to think they control white people, well now that’s just a bit too uppity for the Democrat party. Don’t try to get outside of your box, your assignment, your plantation mentality.

The lynching of Cain was slick, since it required no rope, but it was just as meaningful had Cain been hung in the public square. Cain’s demise affect is being felt in the black community as we speak.

You don’t hear the NAACP speaking out against what happened to Cain; they know that even if they wanted to speak out, they’d lose their funding.

The CBC should be outraged that a black man and Republican to boot didn’t get a fair shake in the process.  They know what the lynching of Cain meant:  It can happen to you too, Negro. Want more money for your husband’s bank or to steal more college funds from black students, then you’d better recognize.

The black Liberal population at large celebrates with their white Masters the demise of Cain, a man black Liberals have declared a “house n*gger.” Cain got what he deserved, because Cain is a product of the white man, black Democrats declared long ago, too stupid to realize what Democrats have accomplished has hurt the black community.

How many young black men could have benefitted from learning more about Cain’s accomplishments, we may never know? Anyway, why speak of the dead, Right?

That’s my rant!

© 2011 Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere, LLC – All Rights Reserved

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