Hanging by a Rope Thread

Hanging by a Rope Thread, by Kevin Jackson

Don’t cut the rope just yet; I think Cain’s still twitching.  Just when everybody had forgotten about Sharon “Black Man’s Kryptonite” Bialek, we are treated to another accuser. However unlike Bialek, Cain’s latest accuser is even more believable, right?

I feel like I’m watching a bad Liberal version of Dr. Evil.

“If a white woman won’t bring that black Conservative Republican down, maybe a woman named White will do the trick?! [insert evil laugh]”

So we’ve gone from Cain being a sexual harasser—what this was originally about—to Cain now being an adulterer with Ginger White.  It’s certainly possible, as men (and women) cheat.  But doesn’t that make it a “personal matter?”

As Mark Twain said, “Get your fact straight, and you can distort them later?”

Adultery didn’t disqualify John Kennedy from being president.  What about modern-day Democrat president and new poster child for adultery, Bill Clinton? If it’s good enough for white guys, why is Cain being dragged through the mud…oh, behind the pickup?

I don’t think all these salacious sexual allegations are about stripping Cain of the Republican nomination, ergo knocking the black sheriff out of the saddle.  This is far more sinister.

Pay attention boys and girls, school is session. The Left wants to teach a lesson there will be no black Conservative presidents for some time. This is because the Left can’t handle the idea of Conservatives and Republicans not being racist.

Also, they can’t allow America to see the stark contrast between black Liberalism (socialism) and black Conservatism. The Left wants America to know that grass roots be damn, the power structure determines who will get to enter the ‘bigs,’ and NO BLACK REPUBLICANS ALLOWED.

Let this be a warning to all black folks who may seek hire office that only Democrats don’t get vetted.  The next black man who runs as a Republican should understand that he will be James Byrded, Rodney Kinged, and ultimately Clarence Thomased. There will be no stone unturned to find the dirt, even if they have to turn over the stone to plant the dirt.

In case you haven’t heard the latest on the woman who supposedly had a 13-year affair with Cain, she appears to be pretty mean-spirited, and like Bialek, broke.  In her interview, she said that she came forward for the other liars, excuse me…women. Those women deserved better. Because for White, exposing her supposed 13-year affair with Cain would validate somehow that Cain is a sexual harasser as well?

Not to go showing journalistic integrity and giving Cain the benefit of the doubt, but White has “issues.” Her former business partner Kimberly Vay who knows a lot about White, said that not a single time did White bring up a relationship with Cain. And in a lawsuit Vay filed against White for “false and malicious statements,” but don’t expect the lamestream media to report this. Why ruin a good HANGING?!

As Stacy McCain points out:

Despite all of the obituaries for the Cain campaign, then, what do we know about the three accusers whose names are public?

There’s a country saying that cow chips need to dry out a spell before you toss ‘em.

What was purported to be Cain’s “blue dress” are the text messages, and a call that was supposedly made at 3A.  Maybe he thought it was Hillary.

The text messages were just proof of correspondence, and there were no records of the conversations.  As for the 3A call, I have called back wrong numbers early in the morning, thinking, it might be an emergency.

So Cain admitted to knowing the woman and helping her in the past, perhaps helped her financially. Glenn Beck said that he would have had his wife write the check. Way to pile on, Glenn.

According to this report in USA Today, Cain’s campaign is dead; lynched by an unknown assassin, though his answers on Libya and some of the campaign tactics certainly had Cain placing the noose around his neck. But somebody else moved the horse from under the tree.

Don’t expect the NAACP, the CBC or other black Liberals to form a posse.  There will be no white Liberal guilt.  No, this is one murder that will go unsolved. Politically speaking, sometimes it’s ok to look the other way, when a black man gets lynched. He just must be a Republican.

That’s my rant!

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