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The Most Interesting Drone in the World

The Most Interesting Drone in the World, by Kevin Jackson

Just how stupid does the government think we are? The Iranians said that they had our drone, and the Fed acted dumb. The only problem is the Fed wasn’t acting…they are dumb.

The Obama administration reported that “One of our drones is missing.” Our drone was captured.  And when the Iranians released photos of our drone in a blue dress with a stain on it, Obama had to fess up.  He told us what we already knew, that oopsy America, Iran really does have our drone; our ultra-sophisticated, ultra-secret stealth-technology spy drone.

Just how did the Iranians even see our supposedly invisible drone, I haven’t a clue. And when aircraft go missing, don’t they usually CRASH?

Our drone didn’t crash, as the Iranian picture shows nary a scratch on the thing. That drone looks like it just came off the assembly line at General Atomics Aeronautical, as if Obama had the manufacturer ship the dang thing to Iran with a big red Ramadan “Don’t put Christ in X-mas” bow wrapped around it. Allah akbar!

Iran says they intercepted the drone that they weren’t supposed to be able to see by using “electronic warfare.”  Essentially Iran breached our technology as well as our national security. How comforting for America to learn that a country who wants to destroy us now has our latest stealth technology and the nuclear bomb.   “Change I’d like not to believe in.”

After all the posturing three years ago by Obama where he said about Iran, “Iran…they don’t pose a serious threat to us…they’re tiny,” the tiny Iranian ran up to us, cut off our naughty bits and took our lunch money. Our military hasn’t had this much enemy penetration since the 2008 selection of our Jihadist-in-Chief.

America finds itself in the midst of a bona fide hostage crisis, with Jimmy Hussein Carter at the helm.

What’s that saying, “Why worry, when it’s in god’s hands?” Oh and that other saying, “I pay lawyers to worry.”  Well America has both.  Our “leader” is both a god (to the Left) and a former lawyer![1]

America can rest easy as Obama is all over this situation.  Before Hillary could even consider making the 3A call, Obama had already dispatched America’s most powerful new weapon, a weapon that had been developed in a joint venture with the Kenyan government since the 1960’s. Weapon code name: O2 – Obama Oratory.

The time had come for the world to see the new weapon in action.  Obama dispatched Iran O2, complete with tiny teleprompters—the nuclear option when it comes to words. Obama formally requested that Iran give us our drone back.

The request went over like a pregnant pole vaulter, as Iranians took all of a split second to tell us that they are keeping our lunch money and our naughty bits. Iran was not giving back the drone. Then that tiny thug nation has the nerve to demand one of Obama’s famous and much coveted apologies.

“The American espionage drone is now Iran’s property, and our country will decide what steps to take regarding it,” Defense Minister Ahmad Vahidi was quoted as saying by the Isna news agency, following a call for the aircraft’s return by US President Barack Obama on Monday.

One might expect America’s black president to become unplugged, and issue a private communiqué to the Iranians such as follows:

“Not to get all 1970’s ghetto Negro on your ass, but ‘Say WHAT?!’ Don’t make America get all up in your behind, Iran. Remember: The N-word spelled backward is REGGIN, as in Ronald Reagan, biotches!”

But Obama didn’t do that. He’s far too civilized, too contemplative, sophisticated. Why hasn’t Obama sued the Dos Equis dude is a mystery to me, because everybody knows that Obama is the most interesting man in the world. He’s also the smartest guy in the room. He is because Liberals say he is.

America’s Liberal messiah has a new strategy in recovering our drone. That new strategy is to tell Americans that Iranians are too stupid to reverse-engineer it. CNN posted this on the subject:

“It’s a little difficult to know just frankly how much they are going to be able to get from having obtained those parts. I don’t know the condition of those parts, I don’t know exactly what state they’re in,” Panetta told reporters traveling with him en route to Djibouti.  “So it’s a little difficult to tell what they are going to be able to derive from what they have bene able to get.”

Forget that the Iranians managed to steal the drone by intercepting the signal, then landing it safely in Iran. Forget that Iran is building a viable nuclear weapons facility that would be complete were it not for the Israelis. Iran is tiny and STUPID!

And you thought shipping guns to Mexico was a big deal? Stay thirsty, my friends.

That’s my rant!

© 2011 Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere, LLC – All Rights Reserved

[1] A lawyer who surrendered his license, essentially before being disbarred.

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