The Boogeyman and the State of the Union

The Boogeyman Wrecked America, by Kevin Jackson

The new Obama movie opened today and it was titled “The Boogeyman Wrecked America,” Obama’s SOTU speech was a B-movie horror flick, where you might have found yourself yelling at the TV, “Don’t go to the lake where America was killed occurred by crazy president with the ink pen and the printing press.”

America previewed scenes from this flick in Obama’s first campaign trailer of 2012, a scene where he bureaucratically bludgeons the Koch family and “Big Oil,” while he, the protagonist saves America by dumping a few billion dollars into failed “green” energy companies. Red ink is the new green, as Obama explained that 2.7M jobs were created in his failed “green energy” initiative that cost taxpayers billions. He continued that meme in his SOTU address.

Obama asked America to allow him to extend his lease on the proverbial car for another four years. So what he got the car out of the ditch, then drove it off a cliff; it only counts if you accept the blame.

Obama blamed the job losses during his tenure on Bush, though he didn’t mention the evil white Republican by name.  1.8M documented lost jobs were not Obama’s fault, and it has to be true, because Obama said, “Those are the facts!” Facts however are less relevant when claiming the 4M phantom jobs that Obama says he created, spin that would dazzle even the most seasoned Madison Avenue executive.

Obama told us how he will create even more jobs.  Like the last three times he told us the same thing, only this time…he means it.  As we know, jobs have been Obama’s priority, his strategy from day one. His strategy is working; because Obama is killing jobs at a faster pace than any president. Believe it or not, that’s the plan.

Obama never talked about the rough patch during his campaigning, as he was all about “hope and change.” We were supposed to understand that America would need a reckoning, thus for the healing to begin, America would have to hit rock bottom. Mission accomplished.

$6.2T in spending by Obama, yet American has more people on food stamps than ever before, Obama adding over 16M more people to the welfare rolls.  More people have lost their homes than at any point in American history. $1.4T in “stimulus” didn’t prevent over 300 more banks from failing, enough money to have bought every one of those banks…twice, and real unemployment near 20 percent.

But don’t get it twisted.  The only thing separating America from the devastation of “the mess Obama inherited” and the Utopia that Obama wants to create is 4 more years of the greatness of Obama. Obama has taken these first four years to establish the groundwork for a grand economy.

That’s why one of Obama’s first acts was to implement the groundbreaking job creator, Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. DADT has resulted in the printing of new diversity manuals that recognize the new LGBT agenda. Up to $500K per university is stimulus money well-spent.

ObamaCare has created numerous government and private sector jobs, meaningless though they may be.  Nothing like more bureaucratic pigs, be they union and/or government employees. Obama claimed less regulations, as he simultaneously increased oversight, ergo regulation. Obama said that he saved America’s auto industry, in as much as an injection of billions of dollars of free money can save an industry.

In education, Obama said that kids would be required to finish government indoctrination.

Quote: “We know when kids don’t quit high school, more of them graduate.”

That is indeed a mind-blowing analysis, worthy of having Obama drug-tested.

With respect to foreign policy, Obama could have easily announced State Department comedy tours as his new strategy. Joe Biden can open for Secretary of State Hillary Clinton who is the headline act; that is unless Obama is headlining.

Obama talked tough on Iran, saying that they will not get the bomb on his watch. If he allowed Iran the bomb, it would certainly eliminate Obama’s nagging Jew problem, and free Hillary to negotiate with the Taliban and other terrorist organizations, one campaign idea Obama seems intent on implementing.

And what SOTU speech by Obama would be complete without attacking the rich. I’m sure that Obama excoriated those greedy capitalist at the recent $30,000 a plate fundraiser in Harlem. But soon all Americans will live like the Obamas, throwing lavish parties and vacationing in paradise every quarter, once Obama continues punishing the achievers. Remember: Buffet’s secretary pays the same amount in taxes as Warren Buffet, if you look at just the percentage.

Obama said we should look to the future. I agree. Nov 6, 2012 is where I put my sights.  Until then, we will have continue watching this horror flick.

That’s my rant!

© 2012 Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere, LLC – All Rights Reserved

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