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Food Stamp President – Truth Hurts

You have to give Newt Gingrich credit for further exposing the paper thin skin of Barack Obama, when he called Obama the “Food Stamp President.” The truth hurts like a paper cut.

Gingrich’s comment brought racist Sheila Jackson Lee from her cage squawking that Gingrich’s comment is “code” for some hidden racism on the Right, versus the overt racism of the Left.  The Gingrich comment did exactly what it was meant to do:  Force Obama to confront his real boogeyman:  His own record.

It’s fascinating to see Obama actually having to run on a record, with full frontal exposure. And the fact that the person to expose Obama is a cantankerous, rich, white Republican insider is just Republican red icing on the proverbial cake.

In an interview with Diane Sawyer, Obama explained why he should not be called the Food Stamp President in three points.

Point #1 – “First of all, I don’t put people on food stamps,” Obama said. “People become eligible for food stamps.

Spoken like a disbarred lawyer, aka shyster. Understand this: It is PEOPLE’S fault for becoming eligible for food stamps. How dare you attempt to blame Obama for 14.2M more people becoming eligible for food stamps?

And whose fault is it for making these formerly productive taxpaying citizens eligible? If you said, “Bush!” then you are likely not a brain-dead Plutopian who would drink Obama dirty bath water.

Point #2 – Second of all, the initial expansion of food-stamp eligibility happened under my Republican predecessor, not under me.

Obama didn’t invent the expansion of the food stamp program. Not to mention, if the program didn’t exist, there would be no need for people to “become eligible for food stamps.”

And did you catch this? Obama is saying that Bush allowed people to become eligible first, and Bush CAN be blamed for the expansion of food stamps under his administration. Priceless spin!

Point #3 – No. 3, when you have a disastrous economic crash that results in 8 million people losing their jobs, more people are going to need more support from government.”

It’s not Obama’s fault, but Big Government is ready to step in and help those poor folks who can’t find jobs and are thus forced to “become eligible” for food stamps.

As reported in Hot Air,

“The number of jobs has declined almost 2 million during Obama’s term even without accounting for the 3 million-plus working-age adults who joined the population while Obama has been President, while the number of people not in the labor force has risen by six million.  To give some perspective to that number, it took this measure six years to add six million people (Feb 2003 to Jan 2009), while it took Obama less than three years to achieve it.  It’s also worth noting that this growth in disconnected potential workers and the associated drop in the civilian-participation rate is almost entirely responsible for the published jobless rate being as low as it is, and the exodus of 315,000 workers from the workforce last month is certainly responsible for the drop…”

To quote the Food Stamp President in his last State of the Union speech: Those are the facts.

I won’t give Obama all the blame for making America a nation of victims, because he has had plenty of help creating this new Plutopian society. The Progressive Liberal Utopians have been angling for the new Amerika for some time, and all they needed was a useful idiot to make it so. Obama was all too willing to sign up. And why not?  He had done a miraculous job eradicating crime and urban blight in the black neighborhoods of Chicago, right?

The problem is that Obama believes his hype. And the reason is when you have sold snake oil your entire life, you begin to believe your resume. Obama has accomplished nothing meaningful for mankind, though the Left is quick to point to his ability to win campaigns. Big deal. You can’t find anything significant that Obama has done that would allow any sane person to circle the wagon on his behalf. Obama’s “accomplishments” are all symbolic, doing little if anything to actually benefit the public.

And what a warped sense of achievement!? If you were to take what Obama has spent during his tenure ($6,200,000,000,000) and divide it equally amongst the new food stamp recipients, each would receive $436,000…and change! Obama literally could have bought all the failed banks over the past three years, and given each new food stamp recipient over $200K.

To top it off, we are running at $2T in interest annually to service the debt, of which Obama is responsible for $1T. Putting that into real numbers, if we took Obama’s part of the interest on our debt and paid it to the 14M new food stamp recipients, they would each receive $70K plus annually.

Government is an endless money pit, fleecing the taxpayers. And they wonder why the Tea Party movement exists and is here to stay. We are silly enough to believe the American Dream is not to make people more eligible to support the Food Stamp President.

That’s my rant!

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