The Distortion Lobe

The Distortion Lobe, by Kevin Jackson

Scientists could gain keen insights into the brains of psychotics, through an analysis of Obama’s first campaign commercial, where the claim is made that Obama’s green energy policy has created 2.7M jobs.

Facts are not reality in the Liberal brain, as the Liberal brain has an inner lobe, called “The Distortion Lobe.” Conservatives have shortened this to the “WTF” area—the part of the Liberal brain that replaces cold hard facts with feel-good emotions. This part of the brain shuts down the ability to reason or hear with clarity. Further studies show that this part of the brain produces a chemical called “vitriol” in abundance, particularly when bombarded with facts.

I have to hand it to the Liberals for distorting the facts head on.  It’s as if they are thinking, “Let’s make the lie so big, that it’s unbelievable, thus making it…truth!” It takes some gall to tell American taxpayers that the billions of wasted money behind Solyndra, Beacon, and “other green energy players to be named later” have actually created jobs. To quote the antagonist at the end of every Scoobey Doo episode:

And I would have gotten away with it, if it weren’t for you meddling kids!

Naive Obama, the non-capitalist who doesn’t consider Solyndra or Beacon and the like failures.  It is we taxpaying Conservatives who have it twisted.  Failure is the definition of success for Liberals. Obama evaluates success as,  “At least Solyndra tried!”

Obama’s commercial is clever in that it doesn’t divulge the nagging fact that under Obama America has lost nearly 2M jobs.  Don’t let that get in the way of Liberals’ feel-good spin from the Distortion Lobe.  We are supposed to realize how lucky America is to have such greatness at the helm of our cruise ship. The ship may be sinking from losing 2M jobs, but the captain is black, so it’s all good!

Saying he created 2.7M jobs is Obama taking dingy safety.  He is overseeing the damage. For Liberals, Obama abandoning the sinking ship shows courage under fire, leadership.  How else would Obama get the “full view” of the “mess he inherited” had he not abandoned the ship for the “wider view?” In the wider view, Obama can see that 2M jobs lost is the equivalent of 2.7M jobs created, thus a net of 700,000 jobs!  This is why unemployment is not dipping, if you can follow the logic.

What Right-side Rambo will face the barrage of Barrack?  Not sure yet.

Republican {clear throat} gladiators compete in primaries and caucuses around the country to vie for the chance to battle Barrack. Republican {clear throat} warriors continue to be carried from the arena, Bachmann, Huntsman, the most recent victim Rick Perry, who died from bacterial infections of self-inflicted wounds.  Soon there will be more carnage, leaving only one man standing.

Despite what the media reports, it is incredulous to believe that Obama has any chance whatsoever. Save Ron Paul (go ahead and send hate emails), I’m convinced that whoever is selected should have NO trouble beating Obama. In case you’ve missed my earlier point:  Obama is advertising failed policies for Goodness sake!

In an economy ravaged by unemployment, where Obama recently celebrated the fact that unemployment went down because 300,000 more Americans quit looking for jobs, Obama is touting his failed green jobs policy.  That’s like the police chief holding a press conference at a murder scene to tout the reduction in crime.

2.7M green energy jobs? Obama must be counting the people screwing in those new carcinogenic light bulbs. If you believe for a minute that Obama’s green energy debacle has created 2.7M jobs, then you should be drug tested. This is not just lying; this is pathological, blatant, “have you no shame” lying par excellente, that Democrats deem fair play. The Democrats have two strategies in this re-election campaign—lying and cheating.  Their strategy leads to Obama’s two chances of being re-elected—slim and none.

The only thing Obama can possibly run on is excuses.

How many people start a new job and complain about the previous guy on the job? You take over a role not to point back at the so-called failure you replaced. Can you imagine a job interview, where you say, “Now keep in mind that it may take me time to be successful, because of the failures of the guy I’m replacing.”

Spend your way out of debt? Obama has tried. Obama will soon be $6.2T in, and he hasn’t quite hit the g-spot on spending. “Just gimme four mo years,” he says. Welfare is stimulus, giving America back $1.85 for every $1 spent. Sure, and cobras make good house pets.

When Liberals espouse their policy ideas, you get a glimpse of what LSD does to one’s mind.  The Distortion Lobe might work well in music, Jimi Hendrix, but it’s a real hindrance when you are running with the world’s largest economy.

That’s my rant!

© 2012 Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere, LLC – All Rights Reserved

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