The Legacy of the Skinny Kenyan

Let’s just tell the truth.  2011 sucked.  I can’t recall a year when so many people told me that they were overjoyed to see the year come to an end. Auld Lang Syne me buttocks!

I know that I had never wanted a year to get here so fast as I did 2012. I was Superman flying forward at the speed of light around June. There was no solace for people, personally, professionally, transcendentally, metaphorically…notadamnthing-ally.

In case you’re wondering how bad things were, my youngest son built a gingerbread house for Christmas and that was repossessed by the Fed and turned into Section 8 housing. The only statistics that are up during Obama’s first three years in office are Liberal corruption and Congressmen’s wealth, taxpayer desperation and suicides.

How did we get this way, you ask?  Obama and other Liberals were in charge.  That’s all it took to have Utopia go to hell in a hand basket.  Obama brought more nuts to DC than you’d find in a Porta-Potty at a peanut festival. The prospect of another year of Obama scares the crap out of me, much less four more after that.

2011 is year three of The Legacy of the Skinny Kenyan. America is in a mess only an Affirmative Action president could create. Massive debt, no jobs, lowered credit rating. The only thing left to do is put the presidential limousine up on blocks on the White House lawn.  As they say in the military these days:

Morale check.

“F&%* You!”

Under Barack Obama so far, America has revisited the ‘30s Great Depression, FDR’s ‘40s Raw Deal, LBJ’s ‘60s InGrate Society, and the Jimmy Carter’s ‘70s foreign policy embarrassments. Obama is truly a man for the ages…the Dark Ages.

But enough about the light-skinned interloper from hither others yon. 2012 is the year we take charge.

The lamestream media has been asking, “Where is the Tea Party?” which only proves how out of touch the lamestream state-run media is; comatose in fact. We are right in their 2010 well-bruised face.

There is not a day that goes by where the Tea Party is not mentioned in the media, yet the lamestream media acts like the Tea Party doesn’t exist. Tea Party issues are debated daily.  Tea Party-supported candidates are at the forefront, so much so, that people who are not Tea Party candidates are faking it. Ask any Republican presidential candidate if he wants the Tea Party vote and see what answer you get.

This is why Obama and the Left are the most scared they have ever been in modern election history. They know that the people are rising, and it’s mainly against the Left.  The people finally recognize that the Left has always been a bunch of disingenuous liars and they are cheaters, par excellent.  This has the Left at DefCon1 in desperation.

Think about this. The highest law enforcement person in the land is pulling the race card in defending his shipping of weapons to Mexico. Why should he have to answer to that? After all, he’s black.

Then Holder says that America is using valid photo ID as a means of disenfranchisement.

Why are we not demanding drug-testing of Eric Holder? That Negro has gone crazy.

Debbie Wasserman-Schulz is so desperate that she would let Adolf Hitler, Mickey Mouse, and dead people vote.

But the height of desperation is when Obama tries to appear warrior-like. The White House recently issued a statement saying that Obama would essentially govern by executive order, bypassing Congress. Obama is running from Congress, and he wants to get nowhere near the Tea Party. That’s what cowards do.

When a government is telling you that welfare is good for the country, you get an idea of how bad things are. When your government celebrates when 300,000 people quit looking for jobs, you might suspect there is a problem. So the answer according to the Obama administration is to “enjoy unemployment as it gives you time to become more circumspect.”

Obama and his team demonstrate gross incompetence of the highest order and most are unemployable outside of the protective cocoon of other government idiots. Here’s a thought: Corzine.

Though there was only one day separating 2011 from 2012, most of America was singing Happy Days are indeed here again the moment the ball dropped in 2012. Our exuberance was not because somebody spotted the ghost of Ronald Reagan, but because we know that we will finally get to undo what was done to us in 2008.

I feel sorrow for the next president who will indeed “inherit this mess.”  But that person will get the benefit of an electorate ready for change back.  When Obama is unelected, America will again be able to celebrate its greatness and forge ahead on the business of being exceptional, producing an audible gushing sound as the nation exhales.

2012 will be the most historic year since the founding of this great nation, where we can end the hell to which we have all been assigned.

What an amazing time to be an American. To play a part in bringing America back to its founding principles. 2012 will be 1776 all over again.

That’s my rant!

© 2012 Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere, LLC – All Rights Reserved

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