Question to Ask on Barack Obama Day

Questions to Ask on Barack Obama Day, by Kevin Jackson

We led the week off with President’s Day.  Fitting that it comes during Black History Month, which is why I say why don’t we just go ahead and call President’s Day, “Barack Obama Day.” No need to celebrate all the white presidents, when America now has its first half-black transcendental president.

Kids in school sing songs to praise Obama’s greatness, “Um um um.” A school in Houston created a poem of praise for Barack Obama that obviously would have eventually been set to rap, given the poetry of the message.

And if that’s not enough, Obama has gone bi-lingual. The man who gave Mexicans, “Cinco de Quattro” (5th of 4) in describing being a day early for Cinco de Mayo has decided to launch, “Obama: Si Podemos!” {“Yes We Can…!”}

This is ironic, when you consider that the job situation in America is so bad that Mexican nationals {illegal aliens} are hustling back to Chihuahua, because they can’t find all these jobs Obama has created. There is the further irony that a sitting president would actually encourage being un-American and not learning our national language, by pandering in Spanish.

If I were Mexican, I would ask a simple question:  Why haven’t the Obama’s vacationed in Mexico?

The fact is that Obama has reached a point of desperation that has him delusional. He said recently on a Latino radio show that he will have 5 more years as president, obviously confident about getting the vote of the 20M illegals who presently reside in America.

However, that confidence may not be as solid as Obama portrays, when you consider that Obama had to start African-Americans for Obama to remind black people to vote for the black guy.

But that’s not his only problem. It appears that even the Supreme Court has taken notice. SCOTUS is deliberating on whether education in America is doing black people any good, and is considering removing Affirmative Action. Rightfully so.

When your poster child for Affirmative Action is Barack Obama, you must take pause. Obama was coddled through school because he “looked” smart. It’s like when somebody believes that a Brit is smart because of the accent.  All Brits are not smart and all people who talk country or ghetto are not dumb.

As for Obama, all the “no Negro dialect” in the world does not hide the fact that Obama is all foam and no beer. I will say it again: Obama is dumb.

And if black Democrats were to wake up, they would realize that Barack Obama’s evil white man has taken over his body, and that white man is hell bent on destroying black people.

Black people are decidedly worse off under Obama, not that black Democrats care. Bring on the pain, as long as the deliverer is black! As Samuel L. Jackson says, “Vote for your color.”

I suggest “African-Americans” ask Barack Obama this question: “Why didn’t Barack buy Africa with all that money?”

Understand that the GDP of all African countries in 2011 was $3T. We could have all the oil, diamonds, platinum, BLING, and other natural resources, and one of the longest coastlines in the world, with money left over. Instead Obama bought underperforming car companies, bankrupt government agencies, corrupt financial institutions, unions, the Congressional Black Caucus, Mexican cartels, and “Red Ink” energy companies.

Some good did come out all his purchases, however. Obama did manage to get in a few vacations and he brought down his golf handicap by six strokes.

For “guilters,” whites who voted for Obama because he’s black, Obama could have used the other $3T to buy Scandinavia where you wouldn’t have to deal with that guilt ever again.

Obama has real unemployment at 15 percent, gas prices so high, poor people are back to buying gas one gallon at a time. Food prices are through the roof, but it’s all good. We are in a mild recovery they tell us. Things are getting better, but they just won’t tell us where.

Certainly youth haven’t benefitted.

Youth got Obama elected, but as Edward G. Robinson said in The Ten Commandments, “Where’s your God now, Moses?”

Youth should ask this question: “Is the word ‘jobs’ still in the dictionary?”

Obama has to rethink everything, now that he has a record. He tried Attack Watch, then rolled that into Truth Teams to stamp out the truth.  Obama is even forced to change his slogan of “Yes we can!” and abandon the symbolism of hope and change, as that could now implies to getting rid of him.

Sayings being bandied about are Winning the Future, Greater Together, and We Don’t Quit.

He may not quit, but he can be fired.

I ask all Americans this question: “Do you care if the president is black or competent?’”

All this focus on Obama’s color has created an Affirmative Action America that is killing the American Dream. I suggest we focus on one Unhyphenated America, and get back to our greatness.

That’s my rant!

© 2012 Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere, LLC – All Rights Reserved

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