The Slave Auction

The Slave Auction, by Kevin Jackson

Maxine Waters ranted at a meeting of slave owners that the Left refers to as a DNC event. Waters stood before other Democrat slave-owners like a carnival barker and excoriated Republicans, calling Republicans “demons.” Waters is mad at Republicans for ruining the slave trade, messing up the gravy train that she and other members of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) have been allowed to manage for some time.

How else do you get $12M for your husband’s bank, run slums in NYC, commit tax evasion or steal money from black kids’ college funds and participate in other atrocities and avoid doing time in the joint? Don’t let the modern-day raping and lynching of black Democrats get in the way of what’s important to Waters, whose complaint is that Republicans haven’t created jobs.

The truth is Republicans have created jobs…in Republican communities. And here’s the other truth. Black Democrats “leaders” like Waters and the rest of the CBC don’t want black people to have jobs.

In case Maxine Waters missed the memo, it is BLACK people who are unemployed at double the national average. I’m not one to point fingers, however aren’t these black people with no jobs represented by the Congressional Black Caucus?

The racist elitist CBC have kept black underemployed for decades. The trend of black unemployment is consistent regardless of what color or political ideology the president, and it is independent of the makeup of Congress. The only consistency about dismal black employment numbers is the CBC. Based on the outcome all these decades, one might believe that ipso facto, it is the job of the CBC to keep black people wanting and at the mercy of government.

Black people leading black Democrats sounds suspiciously like The Negro Project, where white elitists who wanted to destroy black people said that the best way to do this was to assign black “leaders” to rule over black people. These eugenicists knew that black people would be best at destroying other black people.  What say you, Samuel L. Jackson?

Black Democrats are the only people who could turn the heartiest Americans of mind and spirit, into victims, and would willing do so. Slowly and systematically. black Democrat “leaders” convinced black people that we needed government, that government would take care of us.

But Democrats needed blacks all in one place, so the modern-day “black neighborhood” was born, and they even gave it a name: The ghetto[1].  Sure there are a few good black neighborhoods, but for the most part, when you say black neighborhood, you don’t think Beverly Hills.

After the creation of black neighborhoods, the white elite Democrat establishment put these so-called black leaders in charge. White elitist Democrats know that black people won’t question other black leaders, because black leaders are black. This is why Maxine Waters steals with immunity from her black {ahem} constituents. Waters’ {ahem} constituents know that Waters will steal, but she will give them a little. White leaders, they believe, will steal more and give less to blacks. Further, it’s better that a black leader steal from black people than white leaders, because white people stealing from blacks is just not right.

So as long as Maxine Waters complains about somebody white not doing something in black neighborhoods, she is free to do nothing positive for blacks. Don’t let black people compare black neighborhoods to white neighborhoods, just limit blacks to “their” world. Forget that it’s not white people shooting up black neighborhoods, it’s still Bush’s fault. Forget that black people don’t dare have businesses in black neighborhoods, it’s the white man’s fault. Bad schools in black neighborhoods, it’s because white folks get all the good computers. Black Democrats are full of reasons not to blame the real culprits: Their black “leaders.”

White neighborhoods have been doing better for decades, so white folks seem to be getting along fairly well in comparison to black folks.  You’d think that black people would say,

You know what, I think I want to trade in my worthless black ‘leader’ for somebody who represents white folks.”

Name me your issue, and it’s worse in minority communities, and you can bet there is a Democrat within a stone’s throw who is banking like a black Rockefeller. Crime, home ownership, business ownership, schools, it doesn’t matter; Liberals will screw it up in neighborhoods of color.

Black people want to live in safe neighborhoods like everybody else. We’d like to shop where the produce and meat is fresh, and where the schools actually educate.  Keeping black people in black neighborhoods allows for experimentation, and Democrats love their lab rats.

The experiment has failed, and blacks are leaving their urban concentration camps at a rate that Democrats find alarming.  Because when blacks disperse, there is no need for a black overseer. If the pattern continues, Maxine Waters and the CBC are out of a job.

Imagine an America without the slave auction. Imagine an America with no need for the poverty pimps known as the Congressional Black Caucus. Now that’s change we can believe in.

That’s my rant!

© 2012 Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere, LLC – All Rights Reserved.

[1] The ghetto

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