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Truth Teams and Brain-Dead Drones

In case you missed the sign, you have entered The Land of Pander, a country in Utopia where Plutopians like Obama reprogram optimists who dare to believe in the American Dream. In the land of Pander, hardworking, taxpaying citizens are converted into brain-dead drones, and told that the government will work within a budget.

Speaking of budgets, America has received another token budget from its token president. This budget is no more believable than the messenger who sent it, so bad in fact that Obama has resorted to setting up Truth Teams.

The Truth Teams are not meant to present the truth, but rather to stamp out the truth as it is discovered. Because in Utopia, the truth hurts. The truth exposes Obama;s major problem: His RECORD.

Obama has to run for re-election on the raw nakedness of non-achievement across the board. The economy gets F. Foreign Policy, F. Energy Policy, F. Even if you grade with a curve, Obama gets nothing but Fs.

There is an old country saying, “If you want to know how a feller is living, look at his barn, not his house.” And Obama’s barn is empty. $6.2T of spending to get nothing certainly exposes the pink jackass in the White House, packing to make room for the elephant.

I will give Obama an A for creativity, however. When you are at war with achievement as Obama is, you are forced to be creative. Obama took on the most important job in the world with the attitude that he “inherited this mess.”  His solution was to spend $6.2T without even passing a budget acceptable by Congress for over 3 years. Obama’s first budget was so bad that 97% of the Senate rejected it, meaning that even Obama’s own idiot savant Democrats found enough temporary sanity to know not to pick that turd up on the “clean end.” Yet, we are supposed to believe that Obama’s new 2012 election year budget will bring fiscal sanity to the nation. Apparently now Obama is ready to budget!

Obama’s latest budget doesn’t cut enough spending to make a nick in the deficit, supposedly providing $400B net savings over 10 years. Even the White House said that for every dollar saved, the new budget spends $2.50. That’s budgeting…Obama-style.  But at least Obama’s new budget is not political; because Obama is bigger than politics. This budget is for the good of the country. According to Obama, America is on the right track, he doesn’t want Congress (or George Bush) to “muck it up!”

More money for America’s poor to go to strip clubs, casinos and take lavish vacations all over the world, why not! America’s problems are caused by those achievers who continue to step on the necks of the able poor. Somebody has to protect the shiftless and lazy from the deviance of overachievers.” – Barack Obama

When Obama wants money, he goes to an all too complicit Congress ready to rob the treasury. Need to bail out industries too big to fail, do it; as long as it helps the Democrat voting bloc healthy. Want to redistribute wealth from achievers to thieves; do so in the name of racism or classism, and Congress will turn in their male genitalia to the Sergeant-at-Arms and oblige.

Obama proves daily that the only thing worse than a lawnmower that won’t start is one that will. Even by Liberal standards Obama is a disaster. The cleanup crews work 24/7 on his messes, performing a never-ending cycle of dung scrubbing and hauling.

In the past Obama has flaunted his failures as badges of honor, and there were plenty of knucklehead Liberalis lining up to rally behind him. Obama had to win at all costs, they believed; because Obama would be transformational. Obama was transformational, transforming America back to the Carter Era, and to some degree the Stone Ages.

Instead of America improving on any front, America has been downgraded, literally. And the purveyor of hope and change takes no blame. It’s as if he were never in charge. Obama blames gravity when he trips.

This all adds up to the one fact, and that is Obama is unreelectable. Like in 2010, the real America will show up and thankfully “Other” will be in the White House in 2013.

That’s my rant!

© 2012 Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere, LLC – All Rights Reserved

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