Has Obama Killed Black Pride?

For a few decades, black Liberals have settled for fakes: fake watches, fake purses, and especially fake leaders. If the black Liberal community were truthful, they would admit their disappointment in Barack Obama.

If Obama were a basketball player, he would be the equivalent of the guy who can’t inbound the ball or who constantly double-dribbles. He’s the guy to whom you just quit passing the ball, because when he gets it, he always shoots and always misses.

What happened to black pride? There was a time when black people didn’t settle for failures like Obama; they expected more from blacks who were blessed to get the opportunity for greatness. Whether it was sports, entertainment, or politics, blacks who were set up for something transcendental carried the expectation of the entire black race on their shoulders. Much was riding on his or her success, regardless of the role.

Each time the baton was passed, the next black understood the obligation to represent, to show the world that the black man had a contribution to make, and we would not squander it. We were to be among the best, and expected to be better than whites at whatever we wanted to succeed. Many blacks received the admonition that, if you were to do a job that put you in the spotlight, do it “twice as good as a white person.”

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