Liberals Should Thank Limbaugh

Liberals Should Thank Limbaugh, by Kevin Jackson

Rush Limbaugh is a Conservative god, but he doesn’t speak for all Conservatives despite what the lamestream media and others on the Left want people to believe. And occasionally Limbaugh makes a mistake.

We can all admit that Limbaugh’s comment about Sandra Fluke being a slut was crass. Regardless of the moral implications of Fluke’s testimony before Congress about contraception and wanting her college to provide free contraceptives, the fact is that Fluke can have all the free sex she wants.  That really is her choice.

If Fluke wants to have sex for money, then Fluke’s choice is diminished somewhat by a bunch of mainly white men known as our “government.” The government mandates that if Fluke wants to get paid to have sex, her choices are as follows:

(1) Risk getting arrested for choosing to charge for sex, or

(2) Move to a location where the government authorizes sex for money, so that the government will regulate and tax her vagina and other bodily orifices she may use in providing said paid sexual services.

Apparently the NOW movement still has a bit of work to do when it comes to paid sex. Free sex however has few restrictions. NOW has earned Fluke the right to be as promiscuous as her vagina and lesser attributes will allow, and with no moral implications.

Who are non-governmental mere mortal men to moralize unattainable sexual standards on women?  These men should leave women who wish to waddle in the wasteland of no holds barred, no harm no foul sex with anybody and everybody.  The new mantra of freedom for sexual pleasure is now “all a PERSON needs for sex is a location.”

Meddling Conservative men really must hate women, when you think about it. Conservative men feign idolatry of a woman’s virtue, all in an effort to actually demonize women; to strip them of their rights to be as sex-craved as men.

This is why Liberals should embrace Limbaugh.  Limbaugh divulged the Conservative man’s ugly secret of wanting to put woman on a pedestal. How deviant.

Limbaugh’s comment had the added affect of overshadowing the point that Fluke was making, which is one way or another Liberal women want to be paid to have sex one way or another.

Fluke didn’t argue to help coed men to get $1K annually for condoms. Think of the problem the lack of money, ergo condoms has created in the black community. Many young black simply do not buy condoms, as they are cost-prohibitive.  And there is no shortage of young black women who seem ready to allow young black men to profiteer on the Women’s Movement, and thus are willing to accommodate these economically depressed young studs.

In one case a young black man fathered 23 children by 14 different women. This guy should get a Nobel “Piece” Prize, if you ask me, but he would have many challengers and the record is in danger of being broken soon.

And this problem is not just within the black community, nor is it limited to the U.S. The U.K Examiner reported on this white British deadbeat who faked his death in order to avoid paying child support on his 8 children by multiple mothers.  He had another little one on the way…by another mother.

Fluke did not argue for coed men to get vasectomies so God-forbid, men are not burdened with babies. Has Fluke even considered how much money a baby costs a man in child-support, and sometimes spousal support, even when the man may not be the father of the child, or the fact that woman doesn’t have to be a spouse?

And once a man has finished sowing his oats, who pays for the reverse vasectomy? The man? What kind of Amazonian world do we live in, where men are emasculated and forced to do all the bidding of women and then pay for the privilege?!

The NOW generation has given the women of today freedom to choose, and women are picking deadbeats by the dozen all over the world. Thankfully here in America, the taxpayer remains vigilant to pick up the pieces, regardless of the woman’s and deadbeat man’s choices.

Why shouldn’t the Women’s Movement go full circle and require that we prevent them from having the burden of children with a knuckledragging Neanderthal who was just all about the sex?  It’s our civic duty.

The pill can do what no parent can. The pill doesn’t moralize when a  young woman decides to have sex with a miscreant. Statistically speaking, if you have sex with enough bad boys, you will ultimately end up with Mr. Right, right?

Limbaugh was wrong to treat women as sacrosanct. Women are humans. Women can do what they want, just like men. Ladies on the other hand respect their virtue and don’t put their business in the streets, nor do they expect a man to pay for it.

That’s my rant!

© 2012 Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere, LLC – All Rights Reserved

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