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If the Mitt Fits, You Must Acquit

If the Mitt fits, you must acquit, by Kevin Jackson

The lamestream media is already carpet-bombing Mitt Romney. They would love to set the meme on Romney and suppress the Tea Party vote. As my grandfather would say, “Careful is the man who hurdles barbed-wire fences naked.”

The Left has nothing.

“Romney is rich,” they remind us, as if wealth is a bad thing. They say that Romney is “not Reagan,” like McCain was; or better yet as if Obama is. Even Obama himself channeled the ghost of Reagan in order to convince us that our rich white Republican is the wrong choice.

Romney is all that is standing between the Liberal apparatus and their destruction of the American way of life.  The media knows that Romney, aka “other” can and will beat the Left’s golden child.

If you believe the Left, however you might be thinking, “Given Obama’s popularity; how could he possibly lose?” Take a look at the lamestream polling data:

Poll 1: If you remove all 42 other presidents, Barack Obama is the most popular president ever.

Poll 2: I was less surprised to learn that Barack Obama is considered the best black president in history, though it was a close call between him and Bill Clinton.

The point is, it’s easy to see why Obama will be difficult to beat. {wink}

As a black man, I’m actually sad that Obama is such an abject failure that he will be a one-term president. I can’t stand Democrats for the most part, nevertheless if Obama had “represented,” I might have warmed to him.  This is because, like most blacks I have a sense of nostalgia for blacks who break the color barrier. Until Obama, when blacks are “firsts,” they are awesome.

Jack Johnson, the first black heavyweight boxing champ changed the sport of boxing and he changed the world. Not only did Johnson legally beat up white men, he added what was then insult to injury by dating white women and actually married one. Can you imagine the male genitalia[1] this man had to possess in that day and time to stick his finger in the eye of convention?[2] Jack Johnson was the poster child for “Trendsetter”, and should be the patron saint of interracial dating and marriage, if there ever was one.

And there are many other examples of black “first” greats, like Arthur Ashe, Wilma Rudolph, Jackie Robinson, and so on. Obama however is unquestionably the worst black “first.” This is bad news for the Left, because despite their delusions of a second term, Obama has the office closest to the door. His admin has already boxed up his goodies for shipment with pre-paid postage to Kenya. Obama will follow shortly in Winter, returning one Kenyan village its idiot.

How will Leftist America handle the departure of their messiah? They would lose their religion, if they had any, go stone crazy.  If you think the election of an unqualified black man was historical, just wait until you see how historical it is to unelect one.

When Obama loses, black Liberals will cry racism, and claim that America has reverted to being racist—this will be the definition of the pot calling the kettle black.  Black Liberals are undoubtedly the most racist people in America today. Their universe revolves around color, specifically black. “Rape us, rob us, shoot us, kill us, rip us off, just be BLACK!”

The black race pimps know that Obama is the worst president in history, but he’s black. That and being Democrat is all it takes to get the support of other blacks. Anybody who doesn’t feel this way is either a racist or a sellout, so say the black pimps and their minions.

The Left wants Conservatives to feel damned if we do, damned if we don’t in picking Romney. They think they have the power to determine who Romney is, not us. They really believe that Romney is Obama’s opponent, because the Left doesn’t understand the reality of their plight.

They don’t want to face the fact that Obama’s biggest opponent is himself. Obama created another opponent, “ABOA,” as in “Anybody But Obama Again.” Finally, there is Mitt Romney.

If Conservatives set the agenda and support Romney as I predict they will, then on Nov 6, 2012 black Liberals and others on the Left will feel like white folks did at hearing the OJ verdict.

To paraphrase the late Johnny Cochran, “If the Mitt fits, you must acquit!”

That’s my rant!

© 2012 Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere, LLC – All Rights Reserved

Kevin Jackson is a National Spokesman for TheTeaParty.net, an Amazon best-selling author, and blogger.

[1] The size of ALASKA!

[2] Not to mention what else he was sticking in forbidden places!

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