Bush Hanged in the White House

The Unveiling of the Bush Portrait, by Kevin Jackson

I was a bit bothered that Bush was going to the White House for the unveiling of his and Laura’s portraits. I figured after all the smack-talking that Obama had done for almost 4 years on [pp] “inheriting Bush’s mess” that Bush would wait on Romney’s presidency to get his unveiling.

However after seeing Bush with Obama in just a short video segment leading up to the main event, I understood exactly why Bush decided to go back to the White House.  To put it in the vernacular, “Bush owned the joint!”

Bush was comfortable as he walked on the porch leading into one of the anterooms.  He truly looked like the lord of the manor, there to check up on his new Section 8 tenant. Bush wanted to make sure Obama wasn’t taking down the fixtures or selling the copper.

It was amazing to watch the two of them walking side by side, Bush looking like he had just returned home from a big game hunting trip or something equally regal. He waved at onlookers between the big pillars, likely thinking “Did you miss me?”

Walking beside him was Little Barry, talking  and gesturing with his hands like he was making excuses for the stains Bush was about to see on the carpet or the holes in the walls.

“Don’t worry Dad, I’ll pay for the damages,” Obama appeared to be saying.

He truly looked like a teen whose parents were about to discover than he’d had a party at their house, while they were gone. Then again he also sort of reminded me of the kibbles and bits commercial, where Obama is the Jack Russell terrier that jumps back and forth over the bulldog’s back, as the bulldog completely ignores him. Such was Bush the bulldog; on a mission and completely apathetic to Obama’s contrivances.

Bush had a swagger. His walk exuded confidence, like he still had a key to the joint and the combination to the alarm and the safe. Obama on the other hand apparently had left his swagger at his last “black” event.  He lacked confidence in carriage and continence; he didn’t showcase his usual pimp walk, the gangly strut that endears him to so many racist Liberals, those who see blacks as caricatures of ‘60s blaxploitation films. To his sort, Obama is Superfly, just without the big ‘fro, the bell-bottom jeans and colorful nylon silk-look shirt, but he has the black walk. To that lost generation of hippies and malcontents, that walk represents “blackness,” ergo “coolness.” Any of them watching had to wonder of Obama, “Who are you and what have you done with Barack!?”

But there Obama was, in that empty Italian suit, resembling a flunky more than the head of state as he walked alongside Bush.

At the event itself, I couldn’t help but wonder what the audience will look like when the Obama’s portraits are unveiled. Obama didn’t have any family at his election, so we can’t expect any changes. He certainly won’t have any problem filling the room with tax-dodgers, since his cabinet and other appointees will be invited.

Time for Speeches:

In his honoring of Bush, Obama actually referred to the first president as “Uh, George Washington.” Did he really have to think about it?

And of course what Obama campaign stump speech would be complete without reminding us that his job was made that much more difficult, because of today’s White House honoree. Apparently there is still room under the bus.

I likely don’t need to tell you that he managed a nice segue into his killing of Osama Bin Laden, thanking Bush for leaving the extra weapons behind.

Obama actually tried to sound magnanimous to the Bush’s, which only goes to show that he is willing to do anything to get elected. My only solace about this day is that the Obamas will be forced to see the portrait of the Bush’s for the remainder of his “residency.”

It was Bush’s turn at the podium. As Bush spoke, he quipped that during the burning of the White House years ago, Dolly Madison saved George W(ashington’s) portrait, and he asked that Michelle Obama do the same. Low-fat chance of that Georgey.

Bush said that he had the privilege to introduce the best first lady ever, then promptly apologized to his mother.  He went on to call he and his father’s wives tenures a tie.  Laura was her usual gracious self, and she turned the microphone over to Michelle Obama.

Michelle Obama thanked the Bush’s for their warmth and grace, but don’t expect them to treat the Bush’s with warmth and grace after this day is over. The well-wishes from the Obamas promptly vanished with the reception food…oh, and earlier comments by Barack.

Seeing George and Laura Bush reminded me of what class looked like in the White House. It’s good the Obamas now know how to act when they return in a 4 years for their unveiling.

That’s my rant!

© 2012 Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere, LLC – All Rights Reserved

Kevin Jackson is the National Spokesman for TheTeaParty.net, and a best-selling author whose book Sexy Brilliance and Other Political Lies is in Barnes & Noble across the country.

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