Obama’s Whole Two Girlfriends

Obama’s Whole Two Girlfriends, by Kevin Jackson

Isn’t it a touch suspicious that we are just now hearing about Obama past girlfriends? A little late to be touting Obama prowess with the ladies, if you ask me. A desperate move by the Left to try to convince us that Barry Soetoro was the Barry White of his time.

And when we finally get the question answered of,  “Where are Obama’s girlfriends?” all they can come up with is two. Bill must have had a serious chuckle over this: “Two girls over a few years…Heck, that’s a typical night out for me!”

And both Obamas girlfriends were white. Now there’s the shocker! No wonder nobody wanted to divulge this little tidbit in 2008, when Obama was “all things black.” This might have gone over like a high-jumping elephant with “African-Americans for Obama” crowd back then.

It was said that during his college years, Barry struggled with his racial identity—I guess he didn’t realize he was human?

Obama’s first girlfriend Alex McNear was from an upper middle-class family and would later marry a Serbian boxer.[1] McNear wouldn’t elaborate on her relationship with the racial-confused-would-be-future-Commander-in-Grief.

The second girlfriend Genevieve Cook hailed from a prominent Australian family, she journaled her observations of her relationship with young Barack, as reported here:

In one entry, she wrote: “The sexual warmth is definitely there.” But just one month later, she wrote, “Barack still intrigues me, but so much going on beneath the surface, out of reach. Guarded, controlled.”

I’d say that Leftist America fell under the same spell as Ms. Cook, because they still know very little about guarded Barack. And like with Cook, when the Left told Barry, “I love you,” he responded, “Thank you.”

While we are on the subject of Barry’s past lovers, there is the nagging question, “Did the author question any of the boys?”

I know this is a controversial subject, but the rumors persist that though Barack dabble with girls, but he liked boys better…in the Biblical way.

It seems the Left not only wished to conceal Barry’s penchant for melanin-challenged women, but also his hunger for the heartier sex.

The Left is supposed to be tolerant. They wouldn’t care if Obama batted from both sides of the plate, would they? You would think that Obama would wear bi-sexuality like a badge of honor.

Perhaps he does?

He gave the LGBT lobby “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell,” and he continues to fight for “gay marriage.” Arne Duncan is over miseducation, and is openly and atrociously gay.

If it weren’t for those honery Conservative Democrat Negroes. They are less tolerant when it comes to gay issues. And I will bet you dollars to dog turds, that if Obama had admitted to having gay relationships with men, he would never have been elected president. Further, if he admitted to it now, he would be chased out of DC by those not-so-tolerant black Democrats.

The LGBT crowd knows this.  This is why they don’t make a stink about Obama not admitting to his bi-sexuality. Just knowing is good enough for them.

Obama has built-in excuses, should he want to fess up.

It is well-documented that Obama was mentored by sexual deviant, Frank Marshall Davis. Davis wrote  Sex Rebel: Black (Memoirs of a Gourmet Gash), a under the pseudonym Bob Greene. In the book he detailed his sexual encounters with a 13-year old girl. Davis also penned an unpublished novel titled, Mixed Sex Salad, a novel which has led many to speculate on exactly what type of relationship Davis had with young Barry.

But Little Barry was exposed to strange sexuality even before being handed over to Marshall. In what we learned only a few months back, in Indonesia, Obama was raised by Tranny Nanny, a transsexual, prostitute nanny. It was reported that as a child, Obama used to watch Tranny Nanny put on his mother’s make-up. That’s sure to jack a kid up.

So it is NOT a stretch to believe that at some point Obama might “experiment.”

Why wouldn’t Obama just admit to what is not that difficult to prove? In just basic research one can find evidence of Obama’s sexual proclivities in Chicago. Rahm Emanuel and the bath houses and there is Obama’s former “confidant,” Reggie Love.

I suspect that Obama believes this book will help mitigate the rumors of his bi-sexuality, which only makes me wonder if there is more to come on this issue. There must be something amiss, since Obama is willing to potentially forfeit his race card. Is it more important to hide his sexual nature versus divulging his past love of the other white meat.

Obama must be willing to take his changes, given that he changed his evil ways and married Michelle, an authentically militant black woman.

Regardless of the marriage to MO, don’t be surprised if you hear about Obama’s boyfriends are releasing their Love Letters…in a 40 volume set!

That’s my rant!

© 2012 Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere, LLC – All Rights Reserved

[1] A radical departure from Obama

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