Obama the Political Orphan

Don’t think for one second that the worst economy since the Great Depression will stop Obama and the Progressive Liberal Utopians from throwing their big bash in Charlotte, North Carolina. They do have a problem, however and that is the party is going over like a pregnant pole-valuter.

The Democrats are struggling to find party-goers, at least those with skin in the political game. Too many Democrats have something to lose, like their re-elections.

I don’t feel sorry for the Democrat politicians who helped Obama get elected. We warned them in 2008 that by supporting Obama, they were setting themselves up for short-term gain but long-term misery. Well now they are in ObamaGeddon.

In 2008 a Democrat not attending the DNC Convention in 2008 is unimaginable. During that time there was not a Democrat on the planet unwilling to grab the coattails of Obama, including Hillary Clinton, a woman stomp so hard by the Obama machine that she was practically unrecognizable in the aftermath.  Remember Hillary Clinton at one point crying on the campaign? She sold out and took a spot with Obama, because Obama in 2008 was bigger than the Clinton machine. Obama was the King Kong of Democrat politics, no, POLITICS; and he held the Holy Grail.

Not anymore.

As Dan Hirshhorn wrote in The Daily,

“Vulnerable Democrats looking to distance themselves from President Obama have found an easy way to bolster their independent bona fides: just skip Obama’s big party.”

Democrats are no longer wearing the “progressive” label, preferring Independent. Truth be told, most of the scoundrels would really like to just become Republicans, that is if they are reading the tea leaves, pardon the pun.

And exactly what is a “vulnerable Democrat” these days?

Any white Democrat.

In the election of 2010, ethnic Democrats fared well. It was the white Democrats who suffered the consequences of their evil, “I hate the Tea Party” ways. As in 2010, the only “safe” Democrat is an ethnic Democrat, put in their ethnic neighborhood to rule of their [insert ethnicity here] people. Black Democrats rule over BLACK people, Hispanics over Hispanics, Asians over Asians, and so on. And even they are not completely safe, as minorities are beginning to smell the sulfur emanating from Obama’s policies.

Don’t think this thrashing of 2010 went unnoticed. White Democrat politicians were worried, about their futures, and rightfully so. They had fawned over Obama, seeing him as The Great Black Hope (and Change), only to realize less than two years later that he was far from it. Barack Obama was no Jack Johnson, able to give a knockout punch to the Republicans. Obama couldn’t even whip the upstart ingénue Tea Party in a sparring session. Now the Tea Party is the new heavyweight champion of politics, and the Democrats know it.

This is why Democrat officials are finding other things to do, besides attending Obama re-coronation party. The most recent non-RSVPs are New York Democratic Reps. Bill Owens and Kathy Hochul, both of whom won special elections in recent years – in 2009 and 2011, respectively.

“I guarantee that my time will be better spent meeting the farmers, small business owners and other people who put me here,” Hochul told The Daily today.

A spokesman for Owens gave a similar explanation.

“He just has a packed schedule back home,” he said.

Owens had many things he needed to get handled, very necessary things he had neglected, like clipping his toenails, tweezing unwanted body hair, oh and scheduling that hemorrhoid surgery and the root canal. ANYTHING but to be seen with…that dude.

As George Bush would say, “Obama is Nukler!

Obama is more radioactive than Fukushima, and his former sycophants and suck-ups know it. Obama popularity, or lack thereof has redefined swing states, and put additional states in play for the Republicans.

Pennsylvania Rep. Mark Critz said he’d opt out, and a trio of West Virginia Democrats — Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin, Sen. Joe Manchin and Rep. Nick Rahall — are all doing the same, claiming that they need to spend time with their electorate.  I’m sure they can’t wait to get back to face their constituents in Townhall meetings and line up for their crotch kickings.

Here’s the “Excuse du Jour” from Democratic strategist Jim Jordan: “Conventions are for funny hats and hangovers. They’re not where serious work is done, and candidates with competitive races are really better advised to spend the three or four days raising money and campaigning.”

At this rate, the only Democrat politicians who will be at this party are the Congressional Black Caucus, the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, and the handful of openly gay politicians that remain. They are the only Democrats who can have some comfort in their re-election chances.

These turncoats believe that by skipping an extravaganza, they will be protected from Obama’s record, and their support of same. One thing is for sure. The grassroots will not allow the people in any area of the country to forget who supported Obama in 2008. Liberal Democrats will soon find out, “If you’re gonna cuss the boss, you’d better have saddled your horse!”

That’s my rant!

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