ObamaCare Ruling is no OJ Verdict

ObamaCare Ruling is no OJ Verdict, by Kevin Jackson

Obama had a big day for presidency and his legacy, which means America must pay. Despite saying jobs was his priority for 3+ years, Obama instead pushed his chips “all in” on ObamaCare. Most people expected 5-4 decision, just not the decision we got.

The black Conservative was in the bag for the right, because black Conservatives, true black Conservatives are as dependable as the sunrise. The Left had its shills. The Latina and the ambiguously gay justice would go their way, so no surprises there.  So the fate of his landmark bullying of taxpaying Americans came down really to two  judges, Kennedy and Bush appointee Supreme Court Justice Roberts.

You all know the outcome. Roberts sided with the Left, and actually rewrote the legislation, so it could pass.

I was headed to the airport on my way to Texas to appear on GBTV when I got the news of the Supreme Court ruling on the radio. I had about an hour and a half to mull over the decision, since I was at 37,000 feet and on mandatory media lockdown until the plane landed in Dallas.

What could Justice Roberts have been thinking? I read an interview with one of Roberts’ former colleagues and according to him, Roberts was big on his legacy.

The colleague spoke of “The Roberts’ Court,” then of Roberts’ career as an attorney, and how Roberts was pragmatic and purposeful. The outcome of the ruling didn’t surprise him, because he felt that Roberts would want to make sure the Court looked good, without making the president look bad, or some such poppycock.

Twice that day I had heard “legacy” in describing this legislation. Obama wants a legacy, Roberts wants a legacy, well America has a legacy.

Our legacy is written on parchment paper and on the blood-soaked soil of America. Instead of Obama and Roberts focusing on their legacies, I suggest they focus more on preserving America’s legacy.

As I walked through the terminal, I decide to take an informal poll. I saw three black guys at a shoeshine stand, and stopped to ask what they thought of the ObamaCare ruling.

“What ruling,” asked one guy?

“ObamaCare. It was upheld by the Supreme Court,” I replied.

“Oh. Nah, I didn’t know about it,” said one, and the others nodded.

I asked a black lady in her early 30s waiting on her luggage, and she appeared perplexed.

“Oh they voted on that today?”

“Yes,” I replied. “Out of curiosity, do you think black people will see this as a big deal?”

“Well people need healthcare, but nah, not really, she confided.”

The rental car courtesy bus driver was equally in the dark. As he and I had a bit more time to talk, I found out that he was in his 50s and had been to the doctor only a few days ago. He said that healthcare is on his mind more than most, because he’s having medical issues.

I asked if he felt he was the norm, and he said that he didn’t.  He agreed with me that black people tend to live more in the moment, and were more concerned about the things they needed to do daily. He added that we were all hustling, and healthcare wasn’t generally part of it.

I wanted to know his thoughts about the case, and its impact on the black community, and asked him.

He confirmed what I had heard earlier from other blacks that the news would not be a big deal among blacks. He added that whatever government does usually ends up not helping black “too much.”

My poll was informal, but I believe that Obama’s big day was pretty much just another day for the black community.

Remember when the OJ verdict was about to be read? I recall watching TV along with the estimated 150M others, and seeing the throngs of onlookers glued to public TVs. The media cameras were trained on the onlookers to watch the reaction as the verdict was read. “Not guilty.”

When that verdict was read, blacks in America erupted. As the commenter in the video said, “Long distance phone calls dropped. Trading on the NY Stock Exchange dropped.

Conservative America watched with all the anticipation of the OJ verdict. We got the same result, because the passage of ObamaCare was a miscarriage of justice. Obama had gotten away with murder.

But there would be no celebration by black people. In Obama’s biggest moment as president, black people were silent. No big f’g deal, as Joe Biden said when they passed this obscene legislation.

The Conservative movement knows what happened; yet again it will be up to us, not legislators, not Supreme Court justices concerned with their legacies to fix this problem.

Obama believes he has a good hand, a full house as it were. But a full house won’t be the straight flush he gets right out of the White House.

That’s my rant!

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Kevin Jackson is the National Spokesperson of TheTeaParty.net, a best-selling author, and award-winning blogger.

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