R-Day in WI

Governor Scott Walker won re-election by a larger margin than he did in his first election. Imagine what the real margin of victory was, given that dead people, Disney characters, and ex-mass murderers voted for the Dems?

Today, June 6, 1944 is D-Day, as 160,000 troops hit the shores of France to fight for our freedom. But for the Left, yesterday  was R-Day, as hundreds of thousands of Tea Party warriors converged on the shores of Lake Michigan to the shores of Lake Winnebago fighting for American taxpayers’ freedoms.

The new epicenter of politics has been determined and it’s Milwaukee, WI. Those cheeseheads are now political players!

Of all the places this fight was likely to happen, who would have thought it would be in WI? It appears that Walker took the baton from Governor Christie in NJ and he is racing towards the finish line.

Speaking of November 6, 2012, I will tell you that Obama is likely in fetal position, groaning from that well-placed kick in his crotch by the Tea Party. As my friend Jeannie D’Angelis said,

“Hopefully doctors can straighten him out in time for the fundraiser at Sarah Jessica Parker’s home.”

As for the other Democrat operatives, it’s safe to day that the suicide hotlines are operating at capacity. Counselors are trying to talk these delusional dimwitted dunderheads off the ledge, beginning with MSNBC’s Ed Schultz.

As MSNBC was calling the election a win for Walker, Schultz still held out hope, saying [pp] “The big cities, Milwaukee and Madison have yet to report. It’s not over yet.”

Ed just couldn’t let go, because the big cities, the urban indoctrination centers hadn’t reported. Dang, if only WI had more minorities!!

Regardless, Schultz could not believe Wisconsians would not implement the Plutopian vision of America; the America where Republicans earn and Democrats take what Republicans earn.

Democrats claim to be clueless, though there were blatant indications dating back to 2010. The first clue? The election of 2010! Then there was the WI primary, nonplus for Walker, yet he turned out more votes than all Democrat candidates combined.

Debbie Wasserman-Schulz called this election a “dry  run.” I suggest the DNC chair perform a 29-point inspection on that Obama re-selection vehicle. From this vantage point, it looks like the engine is smoking and the tires look flat.

Taxpayers in America are tired of our Obama’s rhetoric. We are tired of money being spent on the ridiculous notion that the taxpayers are responsible to fund public service union employees’ pensions. The union workers make[1] more than the private sector earns and get amazing retirements at our cost.

Democrats have no idea how to recover from this, because there is no way to recover from this. All Obama has to run on is America’s empty checkbook and a mountain of debt, while pissed off citizens are among the growing unemployed and undoubtedly restless.

You can bet the Left is more scared than they have been in decades. They had it all. They had the perfect president, unlimited check writing privileges, a complicit Congress for two years. That’s called “the key to the kingdom.” What the Left mistakenly believed they had was the people.

Unfortunately for the Democrats, people are fickle, swayable to a large degree. Because people are inherently selfish. Eventually we will look at our own situations. But people are also smarter than Democrats give them credit. They recognized that there was no reason to get rid of a governor who was making a positive difference, except vindictive politics.

The Left didn’t necessarily want a Barrett win, they wanted a Scott Walker loss, so much so that they were willing to spend interfere at the national level, spend $64M and send in the clowns. Because Walker was being too successful, too prosperous.

The Left loves to destroy prosperity. Because prosperity is what the Left can’t create.  Prosperity comes from conservatism, period. Nothing pisses off Liberals more than Conservative principles paying off. Success is kryptonite for the Left.

The Left’s problem with Romney? His conservative success.

The Left’s definition of “success” is very different from ours. They measure “success” in trying. Results don’t matter. If you feel good because you tried for success, that’s success.

That definition may be fine when you’re dealing with 4-year olds, but it has no place in the real world. The real world requires positive results. You can’t praise an architect because he tried to design a bridge that didn’t fall.

So what we lost 500 lives when the bridge fell, Chuck. You tried! That’s what’s important.”

The Left sees life through the eyes of a child. They have a Pollyanna view of the world, yet they will cut your throat for their personal success!

This is why public worker unions work so hard to get paid to do nothing. And when they retire, they do anything to continue their standard of living. In their eyes they earned it, because they tried.

Companies are formed because of BAD WORK CONDITIONS. This country was formed, because of BAD WORK CONDITIONS. If you don’t like the conditions, start something of your own.

Creativity generally comes from solving a problem. Left to the unions, the remote control wouldn’t exist. They would pay people to operate the TV. One guy to change VHF, one guy for UHF, one guy to turn the TV on, another to turn it off, one to hold the rabbit ears…actually TWO for that.

Congratulations to Scott Walker, the Tea Party, and America as we know it to be!

That’s my rant!

© 2012 Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere, LLC – All Rights Reserved

Kevin Jackson is the National Spokesman for TheTeaParty.net, an Amazon best-selling author and blogger, and national speaker

[1] Note I didn’t write “earn.”

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