Obama’s Accomplishments for Blacks Explained

Obama’s Accomplishments for Blacks Explained

If America is a nation of cowards according to Eric Holder, then black America is a nation of  poorly educated, sickly, crackhead cowards.

At least that the message conveyed by Valerie Jarrett on behalf of the nation’s first recognizable black president.
While at the National Association of Black Journalists Convention in New Orleans, Jarrett told the attendees that Obama would need their help to get re-elected. Further, they needed to pass along a message to the black community about all the wonderful things that Obama has done for blacks. As Jarrett would suggest, Obama did many things that blacks have taken for granted. And some of Obama’s accomplishments have gone unnoticed by black people may be unaware.
According to DeWayne Wickham, a writer for USA Today and attendee at the conference, Jarrett touted three specific gains that black had made under Obama. Wickham reported Jarrett’s comments as follows:
“To do this, Obama supporters need to unabashedly trumpet what the president has done for blacks – such as increased funding for education, universal health care and a sharp reduction in the sentencing disparity for possession of crack cocaine instead of powder, all things that Jarrett said have disproportionately benefited them.”

You certainly wouldn’t expect to hear these insane credentials in the mainstream media.

As it turns out, this message was meant for non-thinking Liberal black people.
First, with respect to funding HBCUs, understand that Obama really hasn’t done anything for black colleges. He actually reduced funding. Second, when one considers how much money goes into “white colleges,” Obama fails even more miserably.
Here are the numbers.
The Department of Education spends about $30 billion a year on subsidies for higher education, and HBCUs (about 130 colleges) get about $85M a year, if that.
In an article titled Obama boost funding to HBCUs, you can see from the excerpt below that there are skeptics about Obama’s funding levels, since he uses fuzzy math:
Several black higher-education officials quietly questioned the first black U.S. president’s commitment to black colleges last year.
They pointed to the administration not renewing a two-year $170 million program that provided direct funding to HBCUs.
White House officials said they increased other direct aid support for the schools, but officials at black colleges argued that the expiration of the two-year program yielded a $73 million cut.

Let’s say that Obama did in fact give more money to black colleges. Big deal.

Do you see kids clamoring to go to Grambling or Prairie View? Only if they want to be in the band.
If these schools are so important for blacks, then why didn’t Obama go? Why do most black Liberal intelligentsia tout their degrees from Harvard, et al, and not their black college pedigrees?
As for ObamaTAX, Jarrett’s public declaration that it disproportionately favored black people is pure and simple racism at the highest level. Can you imagine a surrogate of a white Republican announcing a program geared disproportionately to whites?
And exactly how much medical treatment do black people need in relation to other Americans? In case you guessed, I will tell you that medical care in America is tinged with racism.
According to this report by the Washington Post in 2005:
Past studies have found that blacks and other racial minorities are much less likely than whites to receive many types of medical care. They are significantly more prone to illness, tend to experience more complications and take longer to recover when they get sick. They are more likely to succumb to their illnesses and generally die younger. Major medical organizations; local, state and federal health agencies; and private foundations have focused more on the problem in the past decade, launching a host of studies, programs and initiatives to try to close the gap.

Gotta love those stats.

Stats don’t have to worry about cause and effect, just numbers.
My grandfather lived to 87, his mother lived to 99, and my grandmother lived to 88. But, none of them were crackheads living in the hood.
In other words, try not to let real life obscure the findings of these Wackademics. Further, don’t dwell on the black on black crimes that might {wink} distort these findings.
Finally, Jarrett’s third reason for blacks to support Obama references crack cocaine, and the Fair Sentencing Act that Obama made law back in August 2010. The law eliminated the five-year mandatory minimum sentence for possession of crack cocaine. Next, the law reduced the disparity between the amount of powder cocaine and crack cocaine needed to trigger federal criminal penalties from a 100:1 weight ratio to 18:1.
Thank GOD blacks are now free from that onerous penalty of a mandatory five years for carrying crack cocaine. Because America knows blacks love our crack. You just never know when you will need a hit.
But black people received the added benefit of knowing that white folks—at least the cocaine carriers—must now carry a lot less coke in comparison.
Leave it to Obama to stick it to the man.
At least now we now know how Obama protected his administration, putting his crackheads on the five year plan.
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