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Is Conservative Friend an Oxymoron

Todd Akin made an amazingly stupid and insensitive comment of Biden proportions, and the Conservatives proved to be sanctimonious spineless wimps in their handling of Akin’s mistake. Conservatives are constantly at the ready to jettison members of the team. Why? Because we believe it proves that we have principles. Actually it proves quite the opposite.

Whether it’s Larry Craig toe-tapping in a public restroom or Mark Sanford playing slap and tickle with a mistress in Argentina, you can bet that the minute a Republican’s mistake is made public, his peers will abandon him like a black man’s chaperone at a KKK rally. What’s worse, Republicans seem to take pride in doing so, as if they get some sort of kudos for being so sacrosanct.

I will hand it to the God-hating, America-loathing Left in that they are accepting of their mistakes. So what you’re a crackhead running a major metropolitan area, and you are caught in an FBI sting operation. For the Left, you deserve to serve 3 terms…as Mayor, not in jail?! As blacks in DC said of Marion Barry, “Everybody deserves another chance.” And another, and another.

If you believe that Guam will tip over, the Left chalks it up to bad medication…ok drugs. The Left essentially said of Hank Johnson, “No harm no foul,” and Johnson was overwhelmingly re-elected.

Bill Clinton had a long-term affair with an intern, lied about it to Congress, redefined “sexual relations,” and the Left made him the most popular president since JFK. “It’s his personal life.”

Remember Republican Senator Trent Lott? He said kind words (at a party) about Strom Thurmond, and he was unceremoniously kicked out of the Senate by Republicans. But Democrats can praise KKK member Senator Robert Byrd with impunity.

Akin? Well he made an inane comment about rape and how the woman’s body shuts down during the act, and all hell broke loose.  Akin’s comment apparently gave Liberal women proof that Republicans and Conservatives are “anti-woman.”

In point of fact, the comment only showcased that Akin would have been a bad gynecologist. But you’d think it was discovered that Aiken had been a serial rapist for decades, targeting nuns, widows and orphans.

Given the Republican response, who on Gore’s Green Earth would want a Republican as a friend? Would you want a friend who is waiting to reject you when, repeat when you make a mistake? I want friends who will bail me out of jail, if there is a fight, they don’t ask questions, and just start swinging. More importantly, when I make a mistake, I want my friends to stand by me, and not wait to pounce when I misspeak!

I warn Liberals all the time, that “He who lives in a glass house should watch his porn in the basement.” But the same holds true for Conservatives.  It’s time that all these porn-watching RINOs buck up and support Akin, heretofore a friend of the Republican Party in his time of need.

We are all flawed and undeserved of the grace of God, period. I have lots of problems; some I know, and some my friends just tolerate. I have friends who have drug problems, gambling problems, and a host of other problems. The way you become friends, true friends, is when you are “known” to your friends, and not when you are hiding yourself from them.

Our biggest strength, the fact that we hold ourselves to unachievable standards is also our biggest weakness. And the Left holds this against is. The way Republicans demonstrate our humanity doesn’t make it easy for people to want to be our friends.

The bar is high for Conservatives, and rightfully so. We should strive to be better people, as that is what Conservatism is based on, as opposed to the Left’s moral relativity. However, Conservatives can and will make mistakes. The difference between us and them is that we learn not to embrace or indulge our demons.  Make no mistake about it however,  we share our demons with the Left. Welcome to the human race.

Todd Akin made a stupid comment about rape. But should a stupid comment derail a lifetime of great work? We should not allow the Left to make political fodder of a man’s life, over a silly comment. Akin represents the chance for Conservatives to show that we are flawed. Akin may also help Conservatives understand the true meaning of being a “friend.” I say it’s long overdue.

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